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Money-making Guide: How To Earn Money On Facebook ₹35K Every Day

Are you hunting for a Facebook money-making strategy that helps you earn money? Do you want to build a successful Facebook marketing career that increases your bank balance? 

Facebook provides many ways to make money while sitting at your home. 

Most people are making the best use of their time and even earn ₹70k per day. But, if you fail to earn ₹35k, you need to revamp your Facebook strategy.

If you think about how to earn money from Facebook, and it seems impossible to you, still the good news is that it’s possible to earn money because Facebook has a strong customer base with roughly 2.89 billion active users worldwide. Moreover, it highly depends on you how you leverage the Facebook platform. Your efforts, patience, dedication, and solid strategy are the getaway to unravel the rewarding path. 

How to earn money on Facebook from your home?

Undoubtedly, making money in the competitive space is not an easy walk in the park. If you don’t have an effective course of action, not even a single coin drop in your pocket. For instance, a strategy may be to sell pieces worth ₹35k to 10 customers or ₹17.5k to 2 customers. It entirely depends on how you formulate your plan and take appropriate action to execute it. 

How to earn money on Facebook by following 7 tips?

1. Collaborate as an affiliate marketer

According to Payscale, an average Affiliate marketer earns ₹39.62 lakhs per year. Affiliate marketing, in any case, is a profitable business by leveraging the Facebook platform. So if you don’t have your product or services or do not want to make a hefty investment, look no further than affiliate marketing. 

It is a kind of marketing that helps you earn commissions by advertising companies’ products and services by converting visitors to buyers. In this advertising model, an affiliate first purchases its products or services, uses them, and finally promotes them. When anyone purchases the product with their referral code, the affiliate earns a commission for generating the sales. 

The future of affiliate marketing is promising and allows you to build a successful career without worrying about any investment. Fetch profits found that 80% of marketers anticipate that the revenue of affiliate marketing is likely to escalate in the future. 

How can you become an affiliate marketer?

Many companies offer an affiliate program and also offer attractive commissions. Companies have an affiliate marketer page, and you have to open that page, register yourself by providing general information; if you wish to become an affiliate, register here.

2. How to monetize Facebook page

You can build your Facebook page, market your products or services, and generate good leads. You may invite people to your Facebook page and tell them what you sell. Do some research and find out what products or services will be suitable to help you make money. Some of the effective ways to leverage your Facebook page are in-stream ads, paid promotion & sharing, fan subscription, selling merchandise, affiliate marketing, and more.

Facebook page monetization eligibility

You can make money from Facebook if your content and Page become eligible and pass the Facebook monetization eligibility checks. 

3 tips to stay eligible for monetization

  • Ensure that your content on Facebook, including texts, videos, photos, or links, doesn’t violate Facebook policies. 
  • Keep providing the quality-content to your followers. 
  • Your content does not violate anyone’s intellectual property rights like copyright & trademark infringements. 

How to check your page’s monetization eligibility?

First of all, ensure that your page content should follow the partner monetization policies. 

To find eligibility, you may follow the following steps. 

• Go to the creator studio and choose the monetization tab. 

• Read policy issues and select your page and check whether it’s eligible or not. 

Monetization eligibility status

• If the status is green, your page is eligible for monetization. 

• If it’s orange, you have to make some necessary changes so that you will not lose the eligibility of your page. 

• If it’s red, your page is not eligible to sell products or services. In other words, you are not eligible for monetization.

3. Sell in-demand products on the Facebook marketplaces

The Facebook marketplace has a huge customer reach of more than 1 billion visitors each month. The shops have seen 250 million monthly visitors within the first year of their launch. Due to the e-commerce sector evolving, consumers prefer to buy online. Whatever product you want to sell, click a high-quality picture and post it but don’t forget to make it public. Keep your description subjective and relevant to avoid confusing buyers.

4. Free marketing strategy- Join Facebook groups

Look for the Facebook groups within your niche and focus on the groups with an enormous number of followings because with more followers, the more reach your posts will get. In this way, the more people you connect with, the more you are likely to increase your leads and conversions. 

It’s not one process; you need to provide value to your customers by posting informational posts and engaging them. Offer free informative and resourceful guide for customer retention and attract new customers. Ask them for the free guide; share your email id. This way, you can build your successful email list and pitch them to buy your products or services.

5. Earn money with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads helps you reach a wide customer base and cater to more leads in less time. For getting the best use of your Facebook, you need to be intent on four things- right products, create right ads, target the right audience, and set the right budget. You have to monitor whether your ads provide enough return on investment in the form of sales or not. 

The way forward

Facebook offers ample opportunities to make money every day if you know the right way to do it. However, running ads on Facebook requires a huge budget and constant attention because you have to set your ad strategy according to the trends and market insights. If you are searching for the fastest option to make money without hefty investment, you may opt for affiliate marketing.

If you want to understand the ins and out of Facebook and achieve mastery, what could be better than a Facebook mastery course? Visit the website and enroll yourself to learn the best Facebook marketing course to begin your successful money-making journey.

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