Personality Development

By Rohit Sharma

This Course Includes

  • Language-Hindi
  • Subtitles-Yes
  • Use On Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Certificate Of Completion

What you'll learn

  • To learn all the aspects of Personality in detail which enables you to fit in/at a workplace.
  • To understand the concepts associated with personality development at the physical, mental, and social levels.
  • We help you improvise your personality, attitude, mental flexibility & adaptability, motivation, and manners.
  • To know about powerful tools to analyze the personality of others and self.
  • The tools learned from the course can be applied in the real-life immediately, to help themselves and others.

Course Description

This course is designed to push you beyond your comfort zone. Develop your personality on a physical, mental, and social level. This course talks about improving yourself in all areas from physical fitness to communication skills to program your mind for self-belief. At the end of this course, after implementation, you will feel much more confident, charming, and re-programmed. Definition of personality differs from a person to person; there are also lots of people who still think that personality is related to the physical appearance of a person and has got nothing to do with other skills. Everyone has their own viewpoints. If a person is well-built and wearing a good dress it is said that he/she has a good personality. But this is not a rational approach. Personality is not all about looks and beauty. In case the inner personality of a person is weak he/she will lose impact as soon as he/she speaks or acts, such a person fails to create a lasting impression on others, and rising in their career becomes a difficult task for them. Also, a good overall personality is very important in our social life too, it is a fact that everyone likes talking to a person with good communication skills and knowledge. Therefore, both the inner and the outer personality of a person should be strengthened. If you have a low self-image, you hesitate to take any initiative. This course also provides you with the guidance to create a powerful self-image so that you can take action without any reluctance and self-doubt. Rohit Sharma shares proven confidence building-techniques and mindset to maintain it as developing a skill is easy but maintaining with consistent practice is the actual challenge. Additionally, it is a practice course, and you can start experimenting it from day one itself to mount your self-confidence.

Your Instructor

Rohit Sharma

Personality Development Trainer

Rohit Sharma is an expert professional in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship. He is a phenomenal public speaker and an extremely unconventional mind who do not think of what society says rather focuses on what society needs. He has a decade of experience in coaching people for personality development, communication skills, and public speaking.

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