Messenger Marketing

By Anmol Duggal

This Course Includes

  • Language-English
  • No
  • Use On Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Certificate Of Completion

What you'll learn

  • Master Facebook Messenger & create a highly efficient single image, single video ads
  • Create a sophisticated customer service chatbot for your Facebook page
  • Utilize chatfuel to create multi-purpose chatbots for product suggestions, search engines, and much more
  • Understand how to grow your brand through Facebook messenger
  • Master content marketing & 'mass sharing content hacks and much more!

Course Description

Messenger Bots are easier to set up than you think and have generated lakhs and crore for many businesses. Think of Messenger bot subscribers like someone subscribing to your email list via Facebook because that's how you will communicate with your customers. Messenger bot broadcast messages get 8-10x more open and click than regular emails, so getting this set up in your business is imperative. This course goes from beginner to advanced to help you get started with Many Chat Messenger bots to help grow your business and be more profitable while communicating with your customers on a more personal level. You are not too late to get started with Messenger Bots, and this course makes it easy to get set up and launched within the next 24hrs. Learn how to broadcast messages, get subscribers, set up automation, and monetize chatbots via Facebook using Many Chat.

Your Instructor

Anmol Duggal

Messenger Marketing Trainer

Anmol Duggal is a Certified Digital Marketer with 5+ years of experience, a Sales Funnel Builder, Certified Email Marketing Expert, and a Copywriter. He takes pride in taking businesses on the ride, from using Manual Processes and Outdated Ways of Generating Leads and Sales to, Strategizing, Planning, and Deploying Fully Automated Marketing Engines that work 24/7 for businesses. His mission is to help Businesses Generate, Nurture and Convert More Leads using Marketing Automation (Sales Funnels & Email Marketing), Copywriting, and Paid Traffic so that they can secure more clients/customers.

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