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Bizgurukul Affiliate Program is for all the content creators, publishers, and promoters who wish to get leverage from India’s largest affiliate entrepreneur community. Choose from our courses and get 50%-70% of the commission.

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Bizgurukul aims to provide skillful courses that include real-life-based experiences. Join live webinars to boost your affiliate sales. Become an entrepreneur with us today!

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Tehmin Tamboli

Tehmin Tamboli earned ₹5,00,000 within a few months. Breaking all the barriers to open the line of communication, she enrolled with Bizgurkul to become a successful entrepreneur. Meet the new confident Tehmin who can now actively communicate with people through her social media handles.


Ms. Aakansha has achieved an earning of ₹1,00,000 within 4 months. She always prioritized herself which made her a financially independent college student. Better academics and a focused lifestyle are what she has always believed in. She always carried a smile on her way to success.

Sanchita NG

The life journey of Sanchita is empowering and full of passion. She always wished to do something extraordinary and found the right platform on Bizgurukul. From earning just ₹100 to earning ₹3,00,000 in just 45 days, she is now a completely changed woman. She overcame all her weaknesses and empowered herself with skills and dedication.

Ishika Pansari

An 18-year-old commerce student from Hyderabad earned ₹2 lacs in just two months. Ishika is fond of dancing, and her hobbies include reading books. She has been a footballer back at school. It just does not end here, she even likes to debate. She overcame all the challenges of life to become an action taker.

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Bizgurukul provides specialized courses to help you build a well-settled career in terms of payment as a digital entrepreneur. It is also a platform that helps you earn from the courses as an affiliate marketer.

There are no criteria to apply with us. It does not require any prior knowledge or any sort of educational qualifications. You only need to have your mobile phone to know the details.

1. Unlimited income
2. Don’t need to create products/brand
3. Lesser investment
4. Work from the comfort of your home
5. 24*7 customer inflow
6. No targets or time limits to achieve
7. Risk-free, recession-proof
8. Can be done on your mobile phone

Yes! Bizgurukul is absolutely a legal company. You can open the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) registered govt. Website and search for the name of our company. Look for it yourself. Follow the given three steps-
1. Login
2. Refer
3. Earn

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