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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Bizgurukul?

    Bizgurukul is an ed-tech platform where we provide various e-learning courses related to career, soft skills, and business development. What started as an intent to create employment in the middle of the pandemic has become a revolution in the era of the gig economy by bridging the gap between education and entrepreneurship.

  • What opportunity does Bizgurukul provide?

    Bizgurukul offers an endless number of opportunities to its learners, such as upskilling their extent of knowledge, and guiding them in their career aspects. Moreover, it boosts your social media, which helps monetize the respective platforms.

  • What are education bundles?

    Primarily there are three bundles, i.e., Branding Mastery Courses, Traffic Mastery Courses, and Influence Mastery Courses.
    We have recently added two more bundles to this- Finance Mastery and Marketing Mastery.

  • What kind of skill-based courses do you provide?

    Bizgurukul offers a wide range of skill-based courses: Personality Development, Instagram Mastermind, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Mastermind, Facebook Ads Mastermind, Stock Market Mastery, and many more others. Bizgurukul also delivers quality bombarded training sessions through the segment “In-demand.”

  • Is Bizgurukul Government verified?

    You can find Bizgurukul on the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and you can check the registration details on the same.

  • Do I have to enroll/buy your course to sell the courses?

    Yes! The affiliate link is only generated once you buy/enroll in our courses.

  • How can you earn money?

    Firstly, you can make money by enrolling in courses that allow you to monetize your skills.
    Bizgurukul courses boost your skills in a way that helps you in career growth.
    Another way is by enrolling yourself in our Affiliate Marketing Program, wherein you can sell the courses and earn about 50-70% commission from them.

  • What is the commission structure?

    Bizgurukul provides you the high-end commission, up to 50-70%, depending on your hard work.

  • What is affiliate marketing, and how is it different from network marketing?

    Affiliate marketing is a program where a person makes a certain amount of commission in return for selling a company’s products or services to either generate more leads or convert these leads into customers.
    Unlike network marketing, the person who introduces leads to the product in affiliate marketing gets the commission. Whereas, in network marketing, every upline earns the commission in the chain.

  • What is the enrollment fee?

    There is no enrollment fee. You only have to pay for the course bundles you buy.

  • Is it a one-time fee or a monthly fee?

    It is only a one-time fee you’ve to pay for every bundle you buy and you get lifetime access to that course.

Bizgurukul Learner Support

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Disclaimer :
Bizgurukul is not responsible for payment made against our products to anyone other than our website or through affiliate link.

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