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BizGurukul Courses Pricing Revelation: Why Are They Expensive?

If anyone will tell you that the courses offered by Bizgurukul are quite expensive?

Do you believe in it?

Maybe! But before believing in anything, you need to do some research. Because someone has said it rightly- “Don’t believe in what you hear because lies spread faster than the truth, so spend some time analyzing it.” 

To put it another way, whatever you hear, don’t consume it right away. First, look at the legitimacy of the information, scrutinize it, and then leap to a conclusion.

Now, come to the bigger picture, and it is time to wear your investigating spectacles and find the truth behind it.

Are BizGurukul Courses Expensive?

No, not at all! Bizgurukul courses are worth the money.

In case you still think, Bizgurukul courses are a bit expensive, then you are looking at the one side of the coin. You need to flip the side of the coin and bring about a paradigm shift in seeing what’s is happening on the other side.

You might hear of an example in which a number is drawn on the floor. Two boys were asked to see the numbers from the opposite side. The first boy said 6, and the second one said 9.

Now, you decide who is right? The answer is obvious, both are right. There is a difference in that both were looking at a different perspective. Now you looked at the one perspective, that Bizgurukul courses are expensive. Now, it’s time to turn the table and reflect on the other perspective.

How BizGurukul Courses Are Worth The Money?

Bizgurukul courses are worth the money because we offer practical learning within your financial capacity. We will discuss the Bizgurukul courses price in detail and help you understand how Bizgurukul is worth the money.

Many reasons will ensure that Bizgurukul courses provide tangible value, but here you will acquaint the revelation of Bizgurukul products cost. In case you want to know the remarkable benefits of Bizgurukul courses worth your money, read here.

Bizgurukul comprises of 3 bundles and 2 segments-

3 Bundles

  • Branding Mastery
  • Traffic Mastery
  • Influence Mastery

2 segments

  • Ace
  • Courseflix

Let’s start with 3 Bundles-

1. Branding Mastery

In Branding Mastery, we have seven courses:

  • Personal development
  • Video Superstar
  • Digital Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Mastermind
  • Spoken English
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastermind.

The course price = Rs.4999

Referral price = Rs.3499 

If you buy a Branding Mastery bundle, you will get seven courses at the cost of Rs.3499. If you find out the cost of the one course, it comes out to be Rs.500. 

One course cost= Rs.500

If you are paying Rs.500 for one course, it is equivalent to the cost of one outing with your friends.

Alternatively, it’s the real picture behind the curtain or another side of the story.

2. Traffic Mastery

In traffic mastery, there are seven courses:

  • Advanced Instagram Mastermind
  • Facebook Ads Mastermind
  • YouTube Mastermind
  • Google Ads Mastery
  • Excel Mastery
  • Email Marketing Mastery
  • LinkedIn Mastery

The course price = Rs.8999

Referral price = Rs.5999

Disclaimer: When you buy a bundle of Traffic Mastery, the Branding mastery course comes along it without spending extra money. In total, you will get 14 courses. 

The Bizgurukul course price list of Traffic Mastery is Rs.5999, and you will get 14 courses. If you look for one course, the cost will be Rs.429. 

3. Influence Mastery

In Influence mastery, there are seven courses:

  • Master Public Speaking
  • Copywriting Mastermind
  • Content Writing
  • Podcast Mastery
  • Sales Mastery
  • Become a best-selling author

Original Course Price- Rs.14499

Referral Course Price- Rs.9999

Disclaimer: When you buy a bundle of Influence mastery, the Branding and Traffic mastery course comes along with it without spending any extra money. In total, you will get 14 courses. 

The Bizgurukul course price list of Influence mastery is Rs.9999, and you will get 20 courses. If you look for one course, the cost will be Rs.500. 

Now, who will say the Bizgurukul courses are costly and not valuable? The reason you feel that the Bizgurukul is high-priced is that you look at the Bizgurukul bundles’ cost, and not on the price of one course.

Bizgurukul course Segments

1. Ace

The cost of referral price of Ace is Rs.29499, in which there is a one-course- stock mastery course. But the course covers detailed information, practical learning, and insider secrets. It is a kind of course that helps you become a stock market specialist because it covers comprehensive knowledge from scratch to an advanced level. Don’t worry about the price; you will get all three bundles (20 courses) for free. 

2. Courseflix

It doesn’t come in the bundle. If you want to do a single course, you can purchase it by giving the price of one course. Bizgurukul’s course price list for Courseflix varies from course to course. You can check the prices here.

Important Revelation

Bizgurukul keeps on evolving in accordance with technological changes and trends. Therefore, we keep on adding courses in the bundles. If you purchase any of the bundles today and the new course launch after one month, you can get the chance to access the new courses for free. It means you don’t require to pay anything additional for the course. Now you can imagine what will be the cost of the Bizgurukul course going away. Hence, Bizgurukul courses are of great value with many profitable benefits.

Conclusion: BizGurukul Courses Are Super-Affordable

Now you might get convinced that the Bizgurukul courses are worth your money and are low-priced. Hence, select your best course and start your learning from today and prepare yourself to thrive in the competitive world. Check out the list of courses and take a step forward towards astounding success.

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