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3 Effective Ways to Make YouTube Work For you

With the continued rise of the video blogging culture, it’s easy for any tech-savvy adult to be enticed to learn how to start a YouTube channel. After all, it’s a fun and interactive hobby that has the potential to turn you into a popular online personality, as well as help you meet new people, get free stuff from companies, and, of course, earn a pretty good living.

However, if you want to become a YouTube success story, gain a steady increase in followers, or at the very least publish good content that receives a lot of views and likes, you’ll need to do more than just become a contributing member on YouTube.

The most popular YouTube channels tailor their content and postings to a few critical criteria. Therefore, to rank among the fastest-growing YouTube channels, you must pay close attention to your process, audience, analytics, and SEO.

If you haven’t started a YouTube channel because you’re intimidated by what it entails, don’t be. This is the only resource you will require to realize your video creator dreams. Here are a few pointers to help you make the most of your foray into the world of vlogging and content creation.

Building Strategy is the Key

When combined with strong content and inbound marketing strategy like They Ask, You Answer, video marketing has significantly increased traffic, leads, and sales.

At its core, They Ask, You Answer is about answering your audience’s questions and concerns honestly and thoroughly to earn their business. Video is particularly effective due to its visuals, sound, and human delivery.

According to Alexarank, YouTube is not only the most popular online video destination, but it is also the second most visited website in the world. In addition, some consider it to be the world’s second-largest search engine, trailing only its well-known parent company.

So, if you don’t prioritize a YouTube marketing strategy, you’re passing up valuable opportunities for awareness and nurturing.

However, the advantages of a YouTube marketing strategy do not end there.

According to a recent survey, 83% of respondents say a product/service explainer video helped them make a purchasing decision. In fact, product reviews and unboxings are among the most popular types of YouTube videos.

Your customers have questions about your company’s services, products, or areas of expertise, and YouTube puts you in an excellent position to answer them.

You can give your audience what it wants: information by providing a lot of how-to content, helpful tips, or in-depth instructions about your products or services via YouTube marketing.

You can demonstrate your expertise in your industry by releasing timely, high-quality online video content. It’s another way to build trust and interest in your brand.

Building trust is critical if you want to connect with modern consumers. According to one Edelman survey, 81% of consumers say brand trust is a deciding factor in their purchasing decision.

Trust not only brings in business, but it can also increase customer loyalty.

3 Effective Ways to Make YouTube Work For you
3 Effective Ways to Make YouTube Work For you

Understand the best Equipment for Your Channel

Using your smartphone is undoubtedly an acceptable way to begin vlogging, but if you want viewers to enjoy your content, investing in the right equipment is essential. Most YouTubers use DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and other videography essentials like tripods, lenses, and studio lighting. In addition, a mirrorless or action camera and a good monopod or handheld gimbal stabilizer are typical gear staples for those who vlog on the go.

Having crisp audio and clear video in your videos can help you stand out from the crowd. However, purchasing the proper equipment is the first step in launching a successful YouTube career.

When planning your equipment purchase, you may wonder, “Is it profitable to start a YouTube channel?” You’ll find plenty of profit opportunities if you make strategic decisions and work hard to create great content.

But keep in mind that a good vlogging camera isn’t everything. If you ignore other factors such as audio quality and lighting, your viewers may lose interest in your videos after the first few seconds and never subscribe to you.

If YouTube is your sidekick and you are already working somewhere else, then make sure you invest your money in the right equipment. 

Simultaneously, keep your recording conditions in mind and make it a habit to check if your audio is clear enough for your viewers to understand.

Just making videos doesn’t mean you need expensive video editing software (such as Final Cut Pro) to edit them. However, these software programs will not necessarily improve your content, especially if you struggle with it for the first few weeks.

Ace Your YouTube Marketing Game

YouTube is rapidly expanding, with over 5 billion videos watched every day! This platform receives far more traffic than any other. Even if you don’t make many videos for your company, you can still reach a large audience by advertising your content on other people’s videos. YouTube has so much traffic that you’re almost sure to find potential customers if you cater to their needs.

You may have noticed that videos appear more frequently than other types of content in Google’s search results. You can take advantage of this by creating videos from high-quality content on your website and uploading them to YouTube.

This will result in backlinks to your website, which means your company will be found more frequently on Google searches. By utilizing YouTube marketing, you are also increasing your company’s online authority. The higher your page ranks on the Google search engine result page, the more authoritative you are on Google.

One significant advantage of YouTube marketing is that it allows you to build your email list. The software will enable you to embed your sign-up form directly into YouTube videos. A video can be temporarily paused so the viewer can enter their information and subscribe to your list. This method makes it easier to grow your email list while also providing valuable content to your audience.

3 Effective Ways to Make YouTube Work For you
3 Effective Ways to Make YouTube Work For you

A picture is worth a thousand words; a video is worth a million. Furthermore, videos can elicit more emotion than any other type of content. They transform your messages from static text to dynamic and engaging content, bringing your company to life. They also contribute to the development of trust and authority uniquely. This entertaining and exciting content can potentially increase your conversion rate by 80%.

Another significant advantage of YouTube marketing is the variety of videos you can create to promote your brand online. Explainer videos, sales videos, social media videos, presentation videos, and video ads are the most popular types of videos on YouTube.

YouTube has a massive media library in addition to a large user base. This is due to the fact that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. With that much information, you can find anything literally under the sun – and beyond. YouTube has a powerful search engine to help you find the exact content you’re looking for on such a large platform. It is the second-largest search engine on the internet, with over 3 billion searches per month (far more than, AOL, Bing, and Yahoo combined). You must optimize your YouTube videos if you’re worried about your content getting lost in this vast sea of information.

If in case, you are willing to learn all at once in one go, then you should definitely go for courses like “How to Start your YouTube Channel,” which is provided exclusively by Bizgurukul. 


Every business has an incredible opportunity to increase traffic and customers by using YouTube. However, it is also a very competitive environment. This means you can’t start uploading videos and expect to see results right away. Many large corporations enter YouTube marketing without a plan, and their lack of views and subscribers reflects this. This blog has covered almost all the major reasons why u should make your presence on YouTube, but remember that you have to take small and rigid steps every time. 

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