Game Designing for Beginners

Vaibhav Chavan
Game Designer, Game Producer, Game Director, Entrepreneur & Founder


This Course Includes

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What Will You Learn In This Course?

A glimpse into the game development process and career paths in the gaming industry.

Understanding the basics of game design principles and processes.

How to build your skill sets for game design.

An exercise on making a game design document.

Creating a powerful game design portfolio that can help you land a job.

Course Description

Game Designing Course, you'll get insights on gaming industry careers and learn about game design fundamentals. Learn how to start things off where you can explore careers in the gaming industry. Learn about concepts and skills required to make it in the gaming industry, whether you want to build and finance your own game or land a job at a studio or mobile gaming. Explore the structure of a typical game studio, the distribution paths for different types of games, marketing trends, the various roles (both artistic and technical), and the skills you need for each job. Then we'll get into game design. Learn about strategies for starting a career in game design and drafting your game ideas, tools, and skills. The role of the game designer, as well as how to define the core loop of your game, create features from a core, and much more. A 3-hour detailed course for everyone interested in starting their career as a Game Designer. A specially designed video course that takes you through the basics of Game Design to highly curated processes and principles that will help you grow. Developed by extracting the insights and experience of over 15 years in the gaming industry.

Your Instructor

Vaibhav Chavan

Game Designing for Beginners

Vaibhav Chavan is the Founder and CEO of underDOGS Studio LLP. Over 15 years in the gaming industry, wearing multiple hats from being a Game Designer, Game Producer, and Game Director to a founder, he has grown as an entrepreneur running a sustainable gaming business. He is a computer engineer but was always interested in creating businesses. From selling sports card photos in school with a 5x margin to running a cash-positive cyber cafe, leadership qualities took him to start his dream venture, underDOGS, in 2011. Soon after his engineering degree, he moved away from tech and took a low-paying job as a Game Designer at Indiagames, which was his best decision since he loved making games.

Moreover, as a game developer/designer, he understands the process of making games more accessible at Indiagames and Games2win. Still, the hunger to start his venture led him to learn more about networking and the business of selling games. Hence, he joined Hungama as a Game Producer in late 2009.

With great enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial mindset, all he tried doing at Hungama was to connect with people and form business relationships. He took 1.5 years to let people know he existed and someday might start his entrepreneurial journey. In 2011 at the age of 26, he started underDOGS with a vision to be the go-to vendor for every more prominent gaming company to get their mobile games made. Soon with three more guys joining the startup, they began making games for Gaming Companies, Brands, Digital Agencies, and Movie production companies. They have delivered more than 250 games globally in the last ten years. He has been a consultant and mentor for gaming businesses and over 17000 students, helping them to find the right paths for growth and creating successful career paths, respectively. He has produced over 300 videos on his Youtube channel as a content creator specifically for games, game development, and the gaming industry. Yourstory, The Hindu, Inc42, Pocketgamer, Polygon, and other reputed publications have featured him and underDOGS in their articles and other resources. He has delivered over ten workshops and 50 talks in gaming companies, colleges, and online events.

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