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The guest of this most-awaited and favorite session was one and only MR. AYUSH WADHWA.

Ayush Wadhwa is a mechanical engineer from BITS Pilani, Founder & Creative Director at Owled Media & a content creator. In other words, he’s a filmmaker by profession, a Storyteller by heart, and an Engineer by choice, not his choice.

He made his first video at the age of 13, he knew this is going to be his arena. Since then, he & his company has partnered with top brands like CRED, Unacademic (Graphy), MAC Cosmetics, GoPro, Thomas Cook, etc. to make visual content for them.

Ayush, in the time that he gets after running his company, creates value-adding content in the form of videos and podcasts for content creators. Along with this, he is an avid traveler and he loves telling his travel stories through travel vlogs & films from all across the globe…

In this session, we have asked him a lot of questions to understand his life journey from how he has changed his life on a scale of 360.

You are going to learn how struggles and victories help you to achieve goals in life.

Get a chance and watch this session to learn deeply about how 1 step can frame a person into a completely different individual by understanding Ayush’s life.