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“The Impact Show” By Keshave lal. The host, Keshave, is an entrepreneur, start-up coach, leadership consultant, and motivational speaker. His book The power of story selling has been an Amazon Bestseller. Keshave Lal led over 100+ workshops and helped many people to launch their start-ups.

The guest of this most-awaited and favorite session with one and only Mr. Anmol Duggal. This episode of The Impact show talks about ‘Lack of resources’ and Entrepreneurship. A journey from a corporate employee to a digital marketer in Jammu with no 4G must not be easy; however, Anmol was adamant about his goals. In this episode, he shares his story, challenges, and victory mindset that has pushed him to achieve his desired goals. He didn’t wait for the opportunity, he created it himself.

A conversation that can open your mind about how dreams are fulfilled no matter what the situation is. As an entrepreneur, circumstances don’t define you. You define your success. All plans are easy on paper but not easy to execute, but anything can be done with a strong mindset. Watch the episode to learn and experience the journey of a trendsetter.

His mission is to help Individuals & Businesses Scale their Revenue using Marketing Automation (Sales Funnels & Email Marketing), Copywriting, and Paid Traffic so that they could secure more customers and clients for their business.

Enjoy the podcast, make notes and learn that the key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles.