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The Impact Show” By Keshave lal. The host, Keshave, is an entrepreneur, start-up coach, leadership consultant, and motivational speaker. His book ‘The power of story selling‘ has been an Amazon Bestseller. Keshave Lal led over 100+ workshops and helped many people to launch their start-ups.

The guest of this most-awaited and favorite session with one and only Ms. Kashesh Chhabbria. She is a Mental Health Counselor and Digital Assets Coach.

“How did an average girl from Mumbai achieves global fellowship award from United Nations”

Early marriage was never an excuse for her. A journey from an ordinary woman to a boss lady was never easy but her consistency made her achieve her dreams. However, she was very clear about her goals from the beginning of her journey. Life kept throwing challenges on her face but she gets up and always proved herself as a real-life victor. Positivity and self-confidence were always her best friends. She embraces her struggles and learned from her past which helped her to form a beautiful life.

She shares her life journey which can help others to start believing and taking bold actions in life. She’s a true example of how manifestation in life works!

She carries her knowledge with her but is always open to learning new skills which are making her grow more in life.

Watch this session to learn deeply about how one step can frame a person into a completely different individual.