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YouTube Marketing- The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Ever since its initiation in 2005, this video streamer is dominating all other social media platforms. In order to take the benefits of YouTube, you need to learn the different beneficial tools it provides you. Here you will know how to get started and build your YouTube channel from scratch. So lay back and make notes of important points.

Create YouTube Channel 

Before you could think of anything on YouTube, you need to get started with your own channel to improve your skills. Over the years, making videos and uploading them has become as easy as it can ever get. Below mentioned are the steps you will have to follow. 

  1. Sign in to YouTube on a computer or mobile phone.
  2. Click on your profile picture. Create a channel.
  3. Check the details (with your Google Account name and photo) and confirm to create your channel.

Once you have your channel sorted given are the advice you should always consider. 

Organize your Channel Layout

Once you have your account, you need to go to your dashboard and click on ‘Customize Channel.’ You will have all the freedom to customize the layout of your YouTube and mention a few details about your journey. Show all your organizing skills here. 

Optimize your videos

Most searched keywords on Google will be a great way to start your description, industry, topic, etc. with. It will help you to appear on the top of searches. Also, mention other social media handles on your YouTube so that you can direct traffic from YouTube to other platforms and vice-versa. 


It should be designed in a visually appealing way so that more people click on your video. Furthermore, it creates a feed of your YouTube channel which is why it is important to use the symbol of the channel in every thumbnail to increase awareness of your channel. 

Arrows and Circles

Once you have made a video and the thumbnail is ready, it is a tip you will have to include in the thumbnail. It is probably the best YouTube marketing strategy to circle or put arrows on the important things you are about to show in your whole video. 

If all this information seems a lot to take in, you can opt for the best YouTube marketing course provided by Bizgurukul, ‘YouTube Mastermind.’ 

Creating YouTube Videos

The videos on your YouTube do not go viral with only great content, but it includes a certain knowledge of description, title, and content. Developing very well content could be a daunting task to carry on with. We have divided it for your convenience. 

Start with a Brief

Never forget to mention things like why you chose what you chose. Explain the intentions behind it for viewers to understand you completely. You should know your target audience and what kind of content they would appreciate so that you can make more such content. Spend time finding the appropriate keywords for the description of your videos. 

A unique intro hook line

You would be surprised to know that most of the viewers remember you from your hook line, the beginning note for all your YouTube videos. For instance, starting your introduction with “Hi! I’m (your name) from (your place). I’ll tell you (your topic).” is boring and cliche. It is not going to get you more viewers. Try to be creative with your intro. 

Keep a Personal Touch With Audience

When you try to build connections with the audience, it makes them more intrigued towards knowing you more. The more you give them real-life examples, the more they feel attached to your content. The purpose of keeping content conversational is to build strong relations with your audience. 

Stay Regular

Do not think that lesser and effective content is great if you have just started up with your YouTube journey. You will have to come up with more useful content to keep your audience stuck around. Be regular on the days you choose to post. Choose a day from the whole week to post your video and the time. This way your viewers will remember to check out your page on the same day and time. 

Develop a YouTube Marketing Strategy

There are a lot of YouTube marketing tools, but what is the use of them, if you have not figured out your YouTube marketing strategy. While uploading a video on YouTube is absolutely free, it comes with its own sets of costs in different ways. Your videos are inclusive of paid ads. It could range from useful ads to ads that have completely no context with your videos. 

Despite all the constraints and obstacles, YouTube still is effective to give your business a boost. In India, there are 225 active users on YouTube, as per the Global Media Insights. 1 billion hours of content is watched across the world every day. The reason why YouTube is amongst the most used social media platforms is because 

  1. It is cost-effective
  2. It reaches out to the huge audience

Video content is said to be understood easily and since it is visually appealing people tend to watch YouTube more to learn and produce content. YouTube videos are easily accessible even through google search which helps in building more leads into regular viewers. 

What Is YouTube Marketing? Why Is It Important?

As the internet’s second-largest search engine, YouTube provides people with a platform that allows businesses, advertisers, and marketers to advertise and market their products or services to reach out to other people throughout the globe. This is also known as YouTube marketing. The massive traffic of YouTube makes it a hub for promoting content faster and effectively. 

68% of YouTube users state that Videos on this platform have helped them to make a better purchase. The key to succeeding in the online world is to have quality content on the leading social media platforms. YouTube marketing is important for small businesses for increasing their reach and the potential audience they could get after one of their videos goes viral. Any video that creates any sort of awareness, fun content, or controversial content has the possibility to go viral. These are the reasons why people take their ideas or businesses on YouTube. 

Below mentioned are the pro tips to avail of all the benefits of YouTube. 

Interaction in the Comments Section

The comments section is always bombarded with different sorts of suggestions and advice. Try to be more active on that once you post a video. Take criticisms in all the healthiest ways. Make sure to implement the suggested changes from the next videos. Also, mention the name of the person in the comments that have led you to make the necessary changes. It boosts the confidence of your audience to write more so that they get acknowledged. Furthermore, increase your views every day. 

Take Care of the Subscribers

After a certain level of your YouTube journey, you will realize that your subscribers turn to become your family. The amount of faith they shower in your hard work increases self-motivation. If they hit on the red bell icon below subscribe button, they get alarmed every time you upload a story or a video. At the end of the video always ask your viewers and your subscribers to hit the red bell icon on their screen to get notifications from you. 

Connect Other Social Media Handles

In order to take your traffic to other social media pages, you should always mention a link to your website or other social media handles at the beginning and the end of the video. You can put annotations, the small video notes in your video to direct your traffic to your website. It is the best YouTube marketing strategy to direct traffic from one platform to another and vice-versa. 

How to Ace YouTube Marketing Strategy?

When creating a video for YouTube keep in mind everything that can go wrong and ruin the whole research you have done. The more research you do about your target audience, your competition, and ways to excel in your strategy, the more chances there would be for you to get a sure success shot at this. 

Learn Your Audience

YouTube channels are growing exponentially throughout the world. A matter of fact is that 90% of the digital consumers in the USA use YouTube. Therefore, you cannot deny the fact that more engagement with the audience on YouTube will ultimately have a positive effect on the traffic that is directed to your website. It lets you be heard at an international level. 

Understand YouTube Analytics

Analytics might not be as fun as creating content on YouTube, but once you get to have the knowledge of these tools, you would not stay behind in the competition. It allows you to get relevant feedback on your video through statistics and hence enabling you to make the necessary changes in your content. The five most important tabs that you shall never miss to check are-

  1. Overview- It includes key metrics like subscriber details, views, etc. 
  2. Reach- How does the audience explore your channels? It gives you insights into your audience. 
  3. Engagement- How many people are liking your content and what content is being liked by the majority of your viewers?
  4. Audience- The demography of your viewers is briefed along with their geographical distance. 
  5. Revenue- This tool helps you to keep a track of your YouTube earnings. 

All these tabs will give you an overview of your performance in different fields. Do you wish to slay your YouTube marketing strategies? Here is what you need to do. Find the ‘YouTube Mastermind’ course on Bizgurukul. 

Excel Your Advertising Campaign

Now that you have learned about everything, it is time to shift to your advertising campaign. It is a way of getting to the audience that may or may not want to get into your channel directly. There are plenty of ways to create your video ads. 

  1. Skippable ads- These ads can be skipped after 10 seconds and they are easy for the audience as well.
  2. Non-skippable ads- It takes 15-20 seconds to get these ads completed. 
  3. Bumper ads- Ad before a video that cannot be skipped. It is 6 seconds long. 
  4. Overlay Ads- It is a sort of image or animation that comes on our YouTube feed. 

Polish the first 5 Seconds

The first five seconds of your video are what attract people the most. It builds the pace for the rest of the video. Make sure to give your best in the first five seconds of your video. It is the deciding factor if the viewer would stick or leave. There are approximately 38 million channels on YouTube, which directly indicates your competition would be solid. 

Wrapping Up

This is all you have to know if you are new to the YouTube world. Congratulations! You have made it to the end of this blog. If you wish to conquer success in the YouTube world, then join the family of the ‘YouTube Mastermind’ course today. Consider the tips and tricks mentioned above to make your channel stand out in the crowd.

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