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Modern Video Marketing: 7 Vlogging Tips To Get Started And Make Money

Do you know people earn 35k to 50k per week by uploading vlogs on YouTube? The trend of watching videos has increased by leaps and bounds, and 500 hours of video uploads every minute on YouTube.

Video has become the foremost choice of businesses to promote their brand, and businesses have seen a 157% increase in their organic traffic on their site with a video marketing strategy. Also, people prefer to spend 2.6 times longer on the pages that have videos than those who haven’t.

The vlogging market is flourishing rapidly, and it’s the best time to jump on the bandwagon and unleash the power of the information age.

All this brings a question to your mind- how to become a Vlogger and make money.

In this article, you will explore everything from understanding vlogging to vlogs types to vlogging tips for beginners to how to make money by leveraging video marketing.

What are the different types of Vlogs?

Before starting your vlog money-making journey, you must identify which theme you create videos. Many Vlog themes are available and popular on the internet, and you have to align those themes with your skills. Following are the popular Vlogs that help you build a successful personal brand.

• Review and unbox the product.

• Funny Vlog

• Beauty/fashion/ fitness

• Tech reviews

• How to/ Education 

• Lifestyle vlog

• Prank vlog

• Movie and book reviews

• Travel vlog

• Gaming

• Family vlogs

• Sports Vlogs

• Pop culture

• Click baits

How to vlog and legitimate your vlog success? 

These five steps will help you to start your own vlog effectively-

Step -1 Find your niche & target audience

When you start vlogging, you can’t aimlessly create videos. Otherwise, you will be off the right track. Instead, you have to narrow down, choose your niche, and, based on that, decide your target audience.

Step 2- Do Competitor research.

Whatever you do, it doesn’t matter until you explore what your audience wants to consume. Research what your competitors are doing, read their video comments to know what your audience likes and dislikes.

Step 3- Use the right tools for enhanced performance

Investing in the right tool is most significant; it depends on your vlog niche. Moreover, your budget and technical skills also play a pivotal role in your buying decision. Generally, you require six types of vlogging types of equipment, including a camera, lens, tripod, microphone, lighting, and editing software.

Step 4- Optimize your videos and channels.

Video optimization is significant for vlogging success. Optimize your video title, description, tags, thumbnail, and annotation to expand your reach and engagement. 

Incorporate relevant keywords so that your audience and search engine will find out your video in a quick time. Make your titles and descriptions appealing and clickable. Thumbnail is the USP of your vlogging for attracting your audience’s eyeballs.

Step 5- Track your performance.

To tap into the vlogging world is not only about creating and optimizing your video. You have to keep track of the performance of your video, whether your videos are attaining enough traction or not. Read comments and analyze video shares and likes carefully to understand the endurance of your videos.

7 Vlogging tips to become a successful Vlogger

1. Your authenticity is your USP

Be authentic and don’t try to mimic others because they are popular. You may draw inspiration, but copying anyone else doesn’t allow you to identify your hidden potential.

2. Listen to your audience

Don’t get obsessed with what you know and think. You are doing Vlogging for your audience, and to understand your audience is the pivotal thing to becoming a successful Vlogger.

3. Let your emotions flow

Don’t hide your emotions behind the curtain. Your audience wants to know the real you and let your audience know what you are feeling.

4. Create a robust strategy

An idea without a strategy is just a wish. You may create a strategy for starting your Vlog journey, how many videos you will update in a week, how you engage your audience, and track your progress.

5. Don’t Consider vlogging as overnight success

Do you know most people give up in the initial days because they don’t have patience and start to compare themselves to others with massive followers? You have to understand that you can’t compare a person who has just crossed the 1st step of the ladder to the person who has already crossed the 10th step. Everyone has their unique journey, expertise, and experience. Try to focus on yourself and hone your skills by drawing inspiration from others.

6. Become an expert

To add a feather to your cap, you may join Vlogging courses. The courses allow you step-by-step learning and gain valuable tips and strategies that you need to become a successful Vlogger. The benefit of online courses is that you can learn things at your pace within your financial capacity in a more structured way and achieve mastery in a short time. Use your time wisely and join Vlogging course. If you are searching for a course on how to become a Vlogger, consider this course.

7. Consistency is the key

In whatever you are doing, consistency is the key. Let’s say you have started your Vlogging journey; after uploading 2-3 videos, you don’t get the response that you might have been thought. It is the point where consistency comes into the picture. You might hear of the hare and tortoise story, where hare didn’t win even after having the right running skills, but tortoise, with his persistency and consistency, nailed the race. You can also win a Vlogging career with consistent efforts and the right strategy model.

Final words

Video blogging is one of the fastest-growing pivotal shifts of the information era. Your audience prefers to watch more videos rather than consume other forms of content.  9 out of 10 viewers revealed that they wish to watch more videos from brands and enterprises. Are you passionate enough to learn the highs and lows of Vlogging with the help of a video creation course? Visit the website, join Vlogging course Today and start your successful Vlogging journey.

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