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Video Marketing Course: 7 Effective Tips To Get Started With YouTube Marketing

Why should you learn video marketing when digital transformation brings enormous opportunities? Undoubtedly, ample opportunities exist to help you empower yourself for a successful money-making ride.

But think for a moment, how many videos do you watch daily? 

As a consumer mindset, do you watch videos of a product before buying it? 

What does all this mean? 

In short, video marketing is a prominent way for businesses to promote their brand and drive more sales. In this way, it becomes the trending earning opportunity, and there is no way back. 

Still not convinced? 

Let’s plunge into some of the statistics that will blow your mind and help you understand the future scope of the video marketing world. 

  • According to Wyzowl, 89% of marketers revealed that YouTube video marketing plays a vital role in analyzing social marketing efforts. 
  • According to Hubspot, 72% of customers prefer a video to get a brand’s products and services insights.
  • Vimeo found that 82% of customers are more interested in watching a video rather than referring to a social media blog.
  • ROI statistics for video content has been an upscaling boom from 33% in 2015 to 87% in 2021

Last but not least- 

  • According to Wordstream, Video content, on average, is 1200 percent video distributed over the internet compared to simple text and infographics combined. 

Now you perceive why YouTube video marketing is booming at a rapid rate. In this article, you will get essential tips and strategies to commence your video marketing journey. Also, read till the end for the bonus tip. 

What is YouTube marketing?

YouTube video marketing is an intimidating strategy to create videos, optimize them and upload them on the YouTube platform with the help of engaging content that’s grab the eyeball of viewers. It is an effective strategic tool for companies to gain exposure, drive qualified traffic, skyrocket their customer base, and target new customers.

Best and time-tested tips and strategies to get started with video marketing

Video Marketing on YouTube is not a cakewalk but requires sheer effort. First, you must integrate a strong SEO strategy that helps you achieve victorious triumph in your YouTube expedition.

1. Find out your niche.

You have to identify your expertise or skills for creating your videos. Don’t select a niche that you believe works best, instead of that do market research and, after understanding it, select the niche that aligns with your interest.

2. Create Buyers persona

The first step is to know your intended audience and formulate your strategy according to it. Next, gain valuable insights into your target audience like demographics, interests, hobbies, age, gender, etc.

3. Research your competition

The fastest way to expand your reach and incredibly grow on YouTube is to identify what’s your competitor is marketing on YouTube. You can perform the competitor analysis by gaining the insights like subscriber count, frequency of their post, video quality, average views per video, comments, and topics on which they create videos.

4. Choose the right editing software tools.

Using the right tools and software will help save a lot of time. Select the tools carefully with a high-resolution digital camera, tripods, lighting, microphones, etc. Consider best YouTube and video marketing practices to reach to apex-

  • Always prefer the right camera angle, neither too high nor low, at your eye level.
  • To make your viewers listen to your voice clearly, Use clip-on microphones and place them about 6 inches below your chin and test your audio sound in advance to avoid making your video sloppy.
  • Take two or more retakes for easy editing and provide a seamless experience to your viewers.

5. High-performing video marketing through SEO

Your videos get maximum traction when you incorporate SEO strategies into your videos. 

For successful video marketing on YouTube, you should implement best SEO practices-

  • Keep your titles engaging, short, informative, and add the main keyword. It shows your viewers and search engine what story your video tells their audience. 
  • Your video description includes the main keyword and one or two secondary keywords. Keep the video description to 70 characters to let your audience know about your video without wasting their time. 
  • Use appropriate tags relevant to your videos to expand their reach. 
  • If you want your viewers to watch your videos, don’t forget to leverage the power of thumbnails because it’s the first thing your user views. Create eye-grabbing, compelling and high-quality thumbnails. 
  • Most people watch videos on mobile, so make your videos fully optimized for mobile viewing. For example, use timestamps that give your viewers an excellent opportunity to see the video they want to watch. The timestamp splits the chapters and offers complete convenience to your users.

6. Track your video’s performance

Track your video performance defines your success in the YouTube video marketing money-making game. To know whether you are going in the right direction or not, track your progress using the below statistics-

  • View count

 It is measured as to how many people watch your videos legitimately and for more than 30 secs.

  • Watch time

It is the total aggregated time that people have utilized watching your videos.

  • Engagement

 It defines the maximum exposure of your channel and includes likes, comments, and shares. It let you know whether your efforts are utilized in the right direction or not. 

  • CTR (click-through-rate) 

 It defines the percentage of how many viewers click on your video’s CTA and carry on to the next video.

  • Conversion rate

 Learning about your intended buyers’ lead-to-close rate is the fundamental metric.

7. Bonus tips for YouTube video marketing

  • Use Annotations to navigate your users to take action. 
  • The beautiful thumbnail increases engagement by 154%.
  • Keep your videos short and information to get higher retention.
  • Don’t avoid social listening. It will help you understand what’s the market trends and, according to that, alter your YouTube strategy.
  • At last, you will get a plethora of information about doing YouTube marketing. You can acquire the knowledge from anywhere but learning from random sources allows you not to get systematic learning. On the flip side, paid courses will help with a structured learning pattern, precise strategies, practical knowledge, and time-tested tips. You may invest a small amount of money, but you will achieve the maximum return on investment.

If you are looking for the best YouTube marketing course that helps you achieve competency and at the same time gives you the earning opportunity, please visit the website, select the video marketing course and create an astounding career.

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