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What Are The Life-Skills Training Sessions Offered By BizGurukul?

Some would think that Bizgurukul only offers online courses. Some would be skeptical that Bizgurukul only works on the affiliate marketing model.

But it is way more than an affiliate marketing and online selling platform.

Sounds good! Right?

Now your inquisitive mindset wants to know more about it. 

Here is the revelation: Bizgurukul not only focuses on learning and affiliate marketing. It also offers life-training sessions in which we help individuals achieve psychosocial competencies and enhance interpersonal skills to deal with life’s challenges and demands.

Why are life skills essential to acquire?

Life skills are the abilities that enable you to deal effectively with situations and make your life journey ride smoothly. They incorporate the basic skills from tying shoelaces to complex future planning. Moreover, it helps you connect and interact with other people on a deeper level.

Seven astounding benefits of life skills-

  • If you wish to manage your budget, taxes and understand compounded interest, financial literacy is a life skill you need to learn that covers all the financial verticals. 
  • It helps you understand basic numerical calculations that help prevent confusion and fraud and support you in surviving in a money-centric world. 
  • In a constantly changing world, it helps you find new ways of thinking and problem-solving. 
  • The ability to self-manage and understand the working environment is vital, which comes when you learn life skills. 
  • It allows you to develop negotiation skills, build a strong network, and collaborate for massive success. 
  • It helps develop a greater sense of self-awareness and appreciation, and adaptability to accomplish results in less time.
  • It will also allow you to manage your emotions by reducing negativity and bringing positive vibes for your overall well-being.

What are the life skills offered by Bizgurukul?

Bizgurukul live sessions happen weekly in which our affiliates get an opportunity to learn more about the life skills that help them survive and thrive in their personal and professional lives. 

We cover a wide range of topics that helps an individual to become their better version. Moreover, we lend a helping hand to our affiliates to move towards a transformational growth mindset journey and develop interpersonal skills to stand themselves apart in the competitive marketplace. 

So far, we have brought a diversified range of topics such as mindset, self defence, body language, storytelling, motivation, holistic success, and more. They allow you to develop self-awareness, do situational analysis, make the right decisions, become affluent in problem-solving by dwelling on alternative ways of thinking, and build confidence.

Here are some Bizgurukul Weekly training topics that will give you an overview-

  • Train to memorize 10X faster
  • Art of selling and negotiation
  • Be a game changer in text animation with Adobe after effects
  • Crack the power of Self-talk
  • Grow through the business storyteller
  • How to build a WordPress website?
  • Effective strategies to 10X your sales
  • The right mindset for massive success
  • Self defence: Gear for a conscious life
  • Art of body language for an impactful personality
  • Mantras for everlasting motivation
  • Why podcast is the skill you really need in 2022
  • Get holistic success through 8 wheels of life
  • Affiliate marketing mastermind course
  • Effective night routine for your better health & career
  • How can Emotional Intelligence make Entrepreneurs more successful?
  • Lifestyle for higher productivity

Does life skills training sessions free?

It is a common question that students often ask. Yes, Bizgurukul Weekly training sessions are completely free, provided you are a Bizgurukul affiliate. Once you join our community, you can enjoy the complimentary perks and benefits. 

Now, you might be thinking about why Bizgurukul is not offering the sessions without joining the affiliate marketing program. It is a value-based training in which our affiliates discover their strength and weaknesses, and also they will get the practical solutions to improve them to the next level. Of course, we can provide free training sessions, but people don’t value things until they pay for them. But once our students join the affiliate marketing program, which comes at an affordable price, they will get all the training sessions for free.

Want to learn life skills?

Undoubtedly, along with soft and hard skills, life skills also play a vital role in an individual life to confront the world with confidence and cope with challenges and failures. In addition, they are highly effective in dealing with changing social circumstances. If you want to bring significant life changes and grow in your professional and personal life, Join Bizgurukul Now.

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