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Top 5 Reasons why Sales Enablement is a Game Changer

Do you know that almost three-fourths of customers want their needs and expectations to be recognized and met? Yet, another truth is that only 47% of customers say their expectations were met, while 53% say they weren’t. 

Sales is a lucrative and challenging career. It takes investigative work, teamwork, and a grasp of human nature to come up with the best solution for your consumer and then give them the means and incentive to buy from you. You also need tenacity and resolve. Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider a career in sales.

Top 5 Reasons why Sales Enablement is a Game Changer

High Income Potential

There aren’t many jobs that have the financial potential that sales jobs do; in fact, many have limitless potential.

In sales, your success is based on your performance and effort; in other words, you get what you sow.

Every month, quarter, and year, you’ll probably have a target or quota to meet, but when you do, you get rewarded.

Some of these rewards include commission payments, annual bonuses, trips, gifts, and a wide range of other incentives. These are provided in order to retain the employees of sales. You should definitely know about this career because you’ll never be disappointed with the money you get through this job. 

Furthermore, there are many sales professions where you can make twice as much money than the general median wage for a position in this industry, which is $54,550, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Knowing which sales positions result in six-figure pay is the key.

Glassdoor examined its vast user database and discovered that the most significant sales jobs were in manufacturing, wholesale, and real estate.

Secure Job

As we already discussed in the previous paragraphs, sales are something that every sort of company requires. It is an integral part of building an office, which makes it obvious to be one of the most secure jobs in the world. 

Salespeople play a crucial role in the economy by facilitating trade between businesses and customer purchases. Salespeople work for many various kinds of companies, providing them with job stability regardless of their field.

Salespeople can decide how much they work and how much money they make because they frequently get paid on a commission basis. Salespeople can increase their earning potential by looking for new leads and upselling products to existing clients.

More than 15 million individuals work in the sales business in the US alone because it is such a stable profession. That represents around 5% of the entire population.

The sales department has a higher influence on the growth of the crucial cash flow than any other department or business function.

The abilities and skills of sales professionals will always be essential for developing connections, closing deals, and discovering new opportunities, despite new technologies, tools, and business models.

Competition of you From you

Most salesmen around the globe are paid their salary along with the commission that they earn on the basis of their performance. This is why it is always mentioned that this is a world where your competition is from you and from no one else. However, your base salary might be lesser than what you expect, but nevertheless, it is a rat race where you can be the master as per the need of your pocket. Once you learn to go the extra mile with your talent and get yourself completely into it, there is no one that can stop you from excelling in your worth. 

A major amount of what you get at the end of the month is the amount of hard work you’ve put in from the last month. You are going to have your dips in the month, and there will be days when you get the majority of sales depending on your strategies, but it all comes to one thing: your hard work. 

This is not only for the field of sales. Of Course, results are affected in every field. So are sales. 

Top 5 Reasons why Sales Enablement is a Game Changer

Self Betterment

The best part of being in this job is getting the stability of progress. Most of you must be aware of the fact that being in the profession of sales makes it almost impossible to face rejection because you never know when you might have to face it. Reaching out to strangers, mailing people you’ve only seen on the screen, and making the first move with the clients might seem daunting, but it pays off when you get the confidence of standing in front of them and making your move with them. 

After a couple of years of struggling to figure out what is best for a salesperson, they know how to ace their game of being able to talk to people with confidence and how to bait them into conversion. The whole point of being in this industry is that years of experience bring out the best of you. 

Moreover, it goes without saying that you become an extroverted personality because you know how to talk to people. We are sure you must have heard the phrase “There are many fishes in the sea,” that’s actually real when you enter this field. The only thing that matters is how you try to be ubiquitous in the industry and make a place for yourself. 

The clients that later on are converted into a permanent sale are the ones that are going to stick around for a very long time. No matter where you do what you do or what you don’t, they can be of use even if you try to switch the niche of your sales. 

Constantly Challenging

This has to be, by far, one of the most interesting parts of the sales journey. When one gets challenges, and somebody else sets a benchmark for them, it ultimately forms a challenge for them to ace their game. Regardless of what you are, you’re making an effort to speak to different kinds of people who have absolutely different things when it comes to their needs. You’re making efforts and staying out on your toes for like the whole day that’s what makes you different and unique. The hard work always pays off. 


Sales is a job profile that is beneficial for a company as it boosts their sales and also great for the salesperson as it makes them a better personality of themselves. Sales might have an unfairly bad reputation, but it should be given special emphasis that salespeople work day and night on their toes and make their living out of the hard work they put in. Furthermore, it is financially rewarding given the efforts of the salesperson. 

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