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Top 10 Profitable Writing Niches For Freelancers In 2022

Is “Riches in the niches” holds true, or it’s just a phrase? 

Somehow, it’s entirely true if you want to leapfrog the competition, skyrocket the growth and bring sustainable profitability to the business.

Dedicating your business to multiple niches doesn’t help you in precise audience targeting, and in the end, you will only get vague results.

Here’s the truth: Every customer is not your customer.

Hence, having a super-specific niche helps you to laser-focus your audience and make your business attract more customers. 

For instance, in the arrow dashboard game, the targeting is ultra-specific in which a person needs to target the center of the arena. Hence, when your niche is ultra-specific, it can precisely reach the right audience.

Ready? We’ll focus on the high-paying niches. 

Top 10 profitable freelance niches to make money-

1. Finance

No doubt, finance is one of the profitable freelance niches, but this industry has cut-throat competition. Almost 70% of customers leverage banking services worldwide. In addition, the finance niche demands a solid understanding of the technical facet of finance. If you are someone, who is a finance expert and can create high-quality and relevant content, this field can be your choice.

Some of the sub-niches for finance-

  • Finance planning
  • Personal finance for beginners
  • Budgeting 
  • Reducing debt 
  • Retirement 
  • Money management 
  • Banking Advisors
  • Surviving bankruptcy 
  • Startup ideas 
  • Investing 
  • Trading
  • Saving as a student

2. Cryptocurrency & Fintech

The Fintech industry has paved the way for bringing innovations, and the areas that grab attention are digital banking and artificial intelligence. Beyond a doubt, Fintech and cryptocurrency writers’ demands keep on booming due to its revolution in the market landscape. The crypto and Fintech content has enormous demands, and hence companies are ready to pay the big bucks for well-structured content.

3. Digital Marketing

The demand for digital marketing has also increased in the upcoming years. Businesses and individuals read the digital marketing content to make themselves stay in the digital game. It has vast potential because online marketing keeps evolving and bringing significant changes. Hence, its demand is seeing no full stop.

4. Education

You might be wondering, “which niche is best for freelancing? “There is no concrete answer because it completely relies upon your interest and expertise. But if you want to play the safe game, the boom of online education has increased, primarily during the pandemic year. The global online education market at the end of 2019 was $ 187.877 billion and is expected to rise by $376 billion by 2026. Hence, the demand for educational content has a rising future.

5. Technology

Technology niche helps you make good money because almost everything transforms into digital, which requires massive technology implementation. Some of the technology small niches are-

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Cloud Computing
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Chatbots 
  • Virtual reality 
  • Automation 
  • E-Commerce
  • Internet of things

6. Sales funnel copywriting

No doubt, sales funnel copywriting is one of the most profitable niches. It doesn’t matter how good the product is if the business is unable to sell it. Therefore, the companies need a persuasive copy that grabs the eyeball of their customers through their sales funnel that triggers their emotions to buy their products. Mainly the sales funnel copywriting focuses on crafting compelling text for websites, social media, and direct marketing.

7. Health and wellness

It is a packed topic because it incorporates a vast array of different sub-niches. It has mainly three segments-

  • Personal care, beauty, and anti-aging. 
  • Healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss.
  • Fitness and mind-body.

It is a profitable niche, and you can choose any sub-niche within the health segment because it is expensive to grow by USD 1,299.84 billion during 2020-2024.

8. Fitness & sports

The pandemic has made people know the importance of health. Millions of people make their health a priority. Therefore, they always look for the physical exercises and fitness content that helps them stay healthy. The micro niches that people often look at in the fitness landscape include-

Exercise instruction and planning

  • Bodyweight training
  • Weight loss for women 
  • Muscle building for men 
  • Healthy eating for growing teenagers
  • Nutrition plans for better digestion

9. Real Estate

Companies and agencies always look for ways to gain a competitive advantage, and hence real estate niche always stands out from the crowd. It is a lucrative and dynamic niche that has immense potential, and you can write content on the following-

  • Housing Trends 
  • Local events 
  • Recreation activities 
  • Home maintenance 
  • Relocation information 
  • Property lists
  • Local getaways 
  • Service recommendation 
  • Rent or buy 
  • Home décor

10. Travel

Despite the covid-19 outburst, bustling and busy International tourist spots don’t gain that much traction, but on the contrary local tourism is booming at a rapid rate. If you love to travel and explore different destinations, travel is a perfect niche for you. You can write compelling content describing the beauty of tourist destinations and let your audience know about what you discover, like food, activities, famous places, and stuff to buy.

Bottom Line: Just get started

Spend some time selecting the niche that helps you make a significant amount of money. 

Don’t fret! If you are confused about the niche, do experiment with several topics before settling down to one niche. 

You can start by experimenting with the above profitable niches and reach your final destination. 

Selecting a niche is important, but creating structured, relevant, and unique content is also essential. If you want to sharpen your writing skills, Join the Bizgurukul Content writing course.

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