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Top 10 Online Courses Which Offer Highest Paying Jobs

Online learning has become the new norm in the digital age. It has swiftly eradicated the learning barrier and pushed the traditional classroom boundaries to a great extent.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has become one of the reasons that dramatically changed the education industry. But some changes happened for the better, and it is one of them.

The shocking statistics revealed that 60% of internet users prefer the online learning mode.

Whether students are looking for flexibility, more independence, enhanced self-motivation, and better time management, online courses never fail to be their top priority.

Let’s discuss the top career development courses in India-

1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing with the increasing internet penetration and online activity, traditional marketing has started to become disappear. Instead, online marketing becomes an exciting opportunity for businesses, brands, and individuals to display their online presence effectively without spending millions. Digital marketing encompasses topics including content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and marketing analytics.

The average salary of a Digital marketer-

Entry level= ₹5,48,755 per annum.

Senior Digital marketer- ₹7,09,800- ₹10 lakhs.

2. Web development

Web development is one of the online courses for working professionals in India. Its primary role is to create and maintain web pages. Web development comes into the picture of making a user-friendly, interactive, and enticing website that offers a seamless experience to users. Web developer uses a series of codes in different programming languages to create an aesthetically appealing and lead-converting website.

The average salary of a web developer:

The average Web Developer Salary in India is ₹308,040 per annum. 

*The salary depends on various factors, including location, experience level, company profile, etc.

3. Personality development

Personality development is one of the top career courses that help enhance interpersonal skills at the physical, mental, and social levels. The key topics include confidence, communication, motivation, leadership, optimism, and more. In addition, it helps you to gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape and climb the professional ladder.

4. Affiliate marketing

Suppose you are someone who has dreamt of building your own business but unfortunately doesn’t want to invest money in your products. Then, affiliate marketing is your way. In this kind of marketing, you need to recommend other products by selling the company’s product and earning a commission. If you are unaware of how affiliate marketing works, you may join a short online course with a certificate in India

You might be thinking about why I choose affiliate marketing as my career. The reason is simple it is a billion-dollar industry and growing at a breakneck speed. If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, read the blog.

The average salary of the affiliate marketer- ₹ 3Lakh per annum

5. Google Ads

Google ads is an online advertising platform that allows businesses to display their products to their target audience by leveraging the power of ads. Now, you may be thinking, are google ads worth it? Yes, it’s worth it for two reasons- Google holds the highest search engine market share globally and 40,000 searches per second. It indicates that Google Ads is a booming market with a promising tomorrow.

The average salary of a Google Ad specialist- ₹5,97,147 per annum

6. Copywriting

Did you know copywriting is one of the high-income producing career development courses in India? It is one of the profound skills that has the immense potential to generate tons of profits for businesses. If you are not aware of what copywriting means, in simple words, it is an art of selling by unleashing the power of written words and generating sales effectively.

The average annual salary of Copywriter- ₹ 4.0 Lakhs

7. Public speaking

You might be shocked to know that 70% of jobs today encompass some form of public speaking. It shows that if you master the art of public speaking, you will easily cross the professional ladder. Also, you may become a public speaking trainer because many people want to sharpen their public speaking skills. In this way, public speaking is a massive career opportunity for you.

8. Spoken English

Speaking English with confidence can help you gain a competitive edge in your profession. Competency in spoken English provides you to express your ideas effectively. Hence, you will improve your presentation, conversation, interview, and group discussion skills. With spoken English proficiency, you can unlock an opportunity to become a trainer and make a big amount of money.

9. YouTube Mastery

Unless you have been active on YouTube, you are already familiar with YouTube. It is the number one destination for streaming video content and garners audience attention profoundly. Plenty of advantages you will experience by having your YouTube channel. It will help you create your successful personal brand and make money while you sleep. First, you need to choose a niche and create videos that add value to your target audience.

10. Creative writing

Creative writing is the art of crafting words where creativity leads the game through imagination, originality, and innovation. The major aspect of creative writing is to weave emotions in order to create a strong visual impact on your reader’s mind. Creating writing includes writing Novels, short stories, poetry, TV show scripts, songs, speeches, and more. By joining short online courses, you can get a good command of creative writing and open the door for money-making ways.

The average annual salary of a creative writer- ₹368,124

Conclusion- Enroll in an online course Now!

We have put across the relevant and trending courses that can help you upskill yourself and get the latest jobs available. With proficiency in trending skills, creating your online business is an easy walk in the park.

We attempted to make you aware of the current opportunity available. With detailed and informed choices, you can make an indigenous career choice. 

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