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The Benefits and Consequences of Efficient Body Language

When you meet someone, body language is the first thing you ever get to count. How they present themselves to you and how you wish them to be. So it all comes down to efficient body language. Understanding body language is considered under non-verbal communication. While effective communication is essential for achieving success in both personal and professional relationships, nonverbal cues—also known as “body language”—speak louder than words every time. Body language, which is frequently done automatically rather than intentionally, is the use of physical behavior, expressions, and mannerisms to communicate non-verbally.

Types of Non-Verbal Communication

Now let’s understand the different types of non-verbal communication that we do in our everyday life. Below are the perfect examples of body language examples that one has to implement in their life. 

Facial Expressions

The human face is incredibly expressive and can silently reflect a wide range of emotions. Facial expressions are also ubiquitous, in contrast to some nonverbal communication techniques.

Posture and Body Language

Think about how a person’s posture, gait, or head position can influence how you see them. The world can learn a lot about you from the way you move and carry yourself. Make sure to ace your posture- don’t slouch, sit with confidence, and walk straight. 


Our daily lives are made up of gestures in one way or another. When debating or speaking animatedly, you might wave, point, beckon, or use your hands; you frequently express yourself through gestures without giving them any thought. However, certain gestures might carry different meanings throughout different cultures. 

Eye contact

Eye contact is a particularly significant kind of nonverbal communication because it is the most common sensory preference for most people. Imagine someone continuously staring at you or someone not even looking into your eyes when you are conversing with them. 


We use touch to communicate in a lot of ways. Consider the extremely different messages conveyed by, for instance, a shaky handshake, a bear embrace, a patronizing pat on the head, or a tight grasp on the arm.

Personal Space

Have you ever experienced awkwardness during a conversation because the other person was encroaching on your personal space? Although our needs for physical space vary depending on culture, circumstance, and the depth of the relationship, they all should be put into consideration. 


Not only what you say matters, but also how you say it. People listen to your words while you talk, but they also “read” your voice. When you are giving instructions to someone and you raise your voice it is usually considered more of a dominating command rather than an instruction. 

Having explained all the sorts of non-verbal communication, let’s jump directly onto the consequences and benefits of efficient body language. 

The Benefits and Consequences of Efficient Body Language

Benefits of Efficient Body Language

Well! An efficient body language comes from within. There is nothing in this world that can make you put a smile on your face if it does not come from within. 

Positive Attitude

Positivity in one’s body language encourages self-assurance and makes it easier for one to express one’s viewpoint than that of others. People that exhibit positive body language are loved by others, and as a result, they receive more attention and favor in any conversation.

Office Relationships

In the office and a corporate atmosphere, positive body language is essential. Positive body language in the workplace can develop a sense of teamwork and raise employee morale. Positive body language makes it simpler to delegate tasks. Additionally, it can assist in expressing respect for coworkers and settling disagreements inside the company.

During all your corporate meetings, it is essential to smile and let people know you are interested in what they’re saying. The art of convincing people from everything that you have to say itself creates a monopoly of one in the office. 

Positive body language can be used in business meetings to convey interest, reception, and excitement. A smile, open palms, a forward lean, and eye contact can go a long way toward building rapport with another party in the meeting and assisting in the development and maintenance of a healthy connection with them.

Personal Relationships

Negative body language can lead to a lot of misconceptions and incorrect interpretations. Relationships can be ruined by continuing to move offensively and maintaining an offensive body posture.

For instance, you should be aware of the other person’s feelings and mood and adjust your actions as necessary. It’s acceptable to periodically make your spouse laugh or tease him/her if they are in a good mood. If the partner is not feeling well, the same action could be misconstrued as sarcasm or agitated behavior. This may cause problems in partnerships as well as problems in relationships between couples.

Having an ideal body language is not an integral part of spouse relationships but with your parents as well. One has to be considerate about the mood of the other person to maintain dignity in the relationship. 

Public Speaking

Body language takes a completely new significance when speaking in front of an audience. There is a good likelihood that the audience will not pay close attention to the speaker if they display defensive or passive body language. Due to the audience only hearing 35% of what is being said and missing 65%, such speeches also have a significantly lower impact factor. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain good body mechanics and posture when speaking in front of an audience on stage.

These were the benefits of having to know the real body language meaning. Well! If you still have any sort of doubts in these regards, you are always welcome to present yourself in Bizgurukul’s “Body Language for Young Leaders” course.

The Benefits and Consequences of Efficient Body Language

Consequences of Bad Body Language

Well! There could be multiple ways through which you can make an impression through good body language, but t goes without saying that negative body language can prove to be a major setback in your life. Below are the examples of consequences of having bad body language. 

Inability to Build Trust

A complete congruence between what is spoken and the accompanying body language establishes trust. People will infer dishonesty, uncertainty, or (at the very least) internal conflict if your motions do not fully match your verbal statement.

Colgate University neuroscientists use electroencephalograph (EEG) devices to record “event-related potentials,” or brain waves that include peaks and troughs, to examine how gestures affect the brain. When subjects are presented with gestures that contradict what is said, one of these valleys happens. The identical brain wave dip that happens when people hear absurd language also happens during this.

Therefore, leaders don’t make sense when they say one thing and show another through their body language. Your verbal message is lost if your body language doesn’t support it (for example, breaking eye contact and scanning the room while attempting to convey candor, rocking back on your heels while discussing the organization’s bright future, or folding your arms across your chest while expressing openness).

Creating Uncomfortable Surroundings

Making no eye contact can be a sign that someone is uneasy. This unease may be brought on by a lack of confidence, self-worth, or dread brought on by lying. Researchers have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to tell when someone is lying by their eye contact, but their research has come up empty. When lying, some people appear to gaze to the right, while others make conscious, forced eye contact. It’s difficult to say.

On the other side, making much eye contact can come out as overly eager and cause unpleasant interactions. The person making eye contact will undoubtedly feel uncomfortable.


At gatherings, you’ll notice that many people stand with their arms or hands in front of them as they converse. They can have their hands clasped in front of their crotch or their arms crossed. This can be an unintentional wall they are putting up between themselves and the person they are speaking to. 

Furthermore, it creates an illusion of you being the arrogant one. In an interview, if you are sitting with your legs closed, the chances of you not being selected for any further rounds may increase to 10 on a scale of 10. This is why it is absolutely a big no when you’re going out to meet someone senior to you. 

Failure in Creating Good First Impression

The failure in creating a good first impression might result from the given three things, so make sure you try to avoid it as much as possible. 

  1. Overusing hands can be an indication of anxiety, enthusiasm, or manic behavior in someone who speaks quickly while flailing their hands in all directions. They may be signs of nervousness or manic behavior.
  1. A clear sign that someone is impatient for the conversation to end is when they are checking their phone, watch, or clock during it. They can be ignoring the other person and concentrate on what needs to be done next instead.
  1. Someone’s posture may be a sign that they are not confident or forceful. In the United States, well-positioned people are treated with more respect and are regarded as being more knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Relationships Failure

Relationships in the workplace suffer from personal space invasion. A classic instance is when men, whether intentionally or unintentionally, enter the personal space of women, which results in harassment claims. It’s a good idea to keep your distance from coworkers to 1.5 feet, and you should never encroach into their personal space.

Make sure the person you are speaking with understands that you are paying attention. This necessitates a certain degree of nodding, smiling, or eye contact. It’s critical to show them that you understand them, even if you disagree with them. Not doing this produces a bad impression because it is a fundamental indication of respect.

No Social Life

You might not be aware that your discussion companions might interpret your arched eyebrows and tense expression as aggressive or frightening. That might make them reluctant to communicate honestly with you and might make them hostile. In that situation, it’s crucial to maintain a neutral demeanor or to reassure the folks directly that you comprehend and agree with what they are saying.

A slouched posture conveys a lack of vitality and self-assurance. It’s crucial to exude some passion and let them know that you have confidence in yourself in any form of professional encounter. You’re sending the incorrect message if you’re slumped over or hunched over.

Moreover, not smiling enough can also contribute to having zero social life because it makes people believe that you are shady in some way or the other. Carrying a smile everywhere you go ultimately makes you a pleasant personality that people would wish to talk to. 

All these points combined can help you make a great first impression and keep you up with your friends and family members in the future. Think of it this way you try to make one change at a time and the other one will follow your lead as you move ahead.


In all types of communication, body language is crucial. It helps to overcome the barrier of unfamiliarity and fosters a stronger connection with the information recipient. Be mindful of your feelings as well as how other people react to your statements. When you start doing it, you’ll be astonished by how empowered, balanced, and confident you feel as well as how positively other people respond to you.
For all of these reasons and more, Bizgurukul strives to offer the greatest course for aspiring young leaders worldwide. It’s a very easy method to actually participate, exude confidence, and perhaps even intimidate rivals.

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