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Most Popular BizGurukul Courses To Master Your Professional Skills

Do you know more than 1 lakh students enrolled in BizGurukul’s courses

BizGurukul offers a wide range of personal and professional skills enhancement courses that helps students to hone their skills and achieve proficiency. 

You can explore a list of courses you want and unleash your passion with available Bizgurukul courses.

Before jumping on the bandwagon, let’s understand-

Why should you join online courses?

Straightaway jump into the reasons to reveal the benefits of an online course-

1. High retention rate

The Research Institute of America reveals that online learning has increased the retention rates from 25% to 60% compared to physical training with a low retention rate of 8 to 10%.

2. More enhanced productivity

IBM study found that every dollar they invested in online training brings the outcome of $30 in productivity. Because employees recommence their work faster and enforce that skills instantaneously. 

3. Gain a competitive edge revealed that 72% of organizations stated that online learning gives them benefits from standing themselves in the competitive market. 

4. Reduced cost

According to Dave Evans, IBM economized their savings by approximately $200 million after transforming to online learning because the company became successful in saving the travel and hotel rentals. 

5. Environmental friendly

Don’t you want to do something good for your environment? Yes, it is possible through eLearning. According to Britain’s Open University study, an average of 90% less energy and 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student has been possible because of eLearning courses.

Most popular BizGurukul courses to hone your skills and gain competitive advantage-

BizGurukul comes in “3” bundles and “2’’ segments which offer in-depth and value-added practical knowledge. 

1. Branding Mastery
2. Traffic Mastery
3. Influence Mastery
4. Ace (Advance Career Education)
5. CourseFlix

1. Branding Mastery

Branding Mastery is a strategic brand-building online course that helps you gain detailed and practical knowledge with dynamically proven strategies that allow you to create and scale a profitable brand and business. 

It’s a comprehensive brand system that combines the strategies, proven frameworks, strategic exploration, engagement, brand offering, and operations. 

What are the benefits of the BizGurukul branding mastery bundle? 

• It will offer you a proven system and allow you to focus on what certainly matters and help you in scaling your business to 7 or 8 figures.

• We offer you to gain full clarity and focus with the help of a practical, timeless system and learn frameworks to understand your target audience better than your competition. 

• It helps you in designing an incredible offer by transforming your customer insights and strategy into an irresistible offer that your customer discovers the offer relevant and worth buying. 

• Build a marketing machine by building an endless flow of customer relationships for engaging effectively with new and existing customers. 

• This course helps you gain empowering mindsets essential for building an extraordinary brand & business.

The courses in branding mastery comprise of

Personality Development

This course covers various dimensions and improving yourself in all the holistic areas, including cerebral, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual development. Moreover, transform your personality from an ordinary one into a magnetic personality that effectively communicates, interacts, and persuades others.

Video Superstar

It helps you create engaging marketing videos with the help of our proven video-making frameworks and strategies. In addition, it covers all the technical aspects related to camera, light, & sound equipment and helps improve your on-camera performance. 

Digital Marketing

This course provides you with an insightful understanding and advanced knowledge and working on real-world projects to transform you into a digital marketing expert. It includes learning WordPress, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, copywriting, and automation that helps in making you job-ready in the digital landscape. 

Facebook Marketing

It helps you learn to craft a stellar Facebook marketing strategy to master Facebook Messenger and content marketing by leveraging mass sharing content hacks. In addition, it provides insightful learning for broadcasting messages, driving more subscribers, setting up automation, and monetizing chatbots. 

Instagram Mastermind

This course helps you learn how to create a successful brand or grow your personal account on Instagram by scaling your followers, maximizing engagement by generating quality content, and driving qualified sales with effective strategies. 

Spoken English

It offers you to enhance your English speaking skills and improve your English listening skills to speak English confidently and naturally. With different online activities, blueprints, frameworks, tips, tricks, and strategies, you will master this skill faster. 

Affiliate Marketing Mastermind

This course helps you understand the psychology and mindset behind establishing a successful affiliate marketing business without building your products and service. Furthermore, learn about affiliate marketing fundamentals, niche, customer, product research, affiliate marketing funnels, and drive traffic to funnels.

2. Traffic Mastery

Traffic Mastery is an effective tool to drive a steady stream of traffic to your site (or social media ofcourse) and make your visitors aware of your business to get more sales. In this course, we help you learn the client-boosting strategies that bring unlimited traffic and how to make additional passive income streams proficient in advanced sales and marketing campaigns. 

What are the benefits of the BizGurukul traffic mastery course? 

• Learn proven step-by-step ways to bring enormous traffic instead of “wait and see” marketing. 

• We help you learn paid traffic foundational skills, tips, and insider secrets to achieve the maximum return on investment. 

• We provide comprehensive knowledge and practical learning to understand the ins and outs of various social media platforms and leverage them to your advantage. 

• Discover a repeatable system to generate sales and bring qualified conversions. 

• Learn about how to analyze metrics and track them to understand your marketing efforts.

The courses in traffic mastery comprise of

Advanced Instagram Mastermind

Learn how the Instagram algorithm works for growing your Instagram account from 10s of followers to 1000s by using Instagram marketing strategies. In addition, learn how to create a professional, client-grabbing Instagram feed and convert your Instagram followers into prospective clients. 

Facebook Ads Mastermind

Learn how to create and optimize Facebook campaigns by implementing advanced tracking strategies, lowering Facebook ads costs, and maximizing ROI. We help you deep-dive into the Facebook concepts and develop a deep understanding of Facebook ads manager and marketing strategies. 

YouTube Mastermind

Learn intimidating strategies to create, optimize and upload YouTube videos to gain exposure, bring massive traffic, and build a customer base. We help you get more traction on your YouTube videos by incorporating SEO best practices that help optimize videos with great titles, descriptions, tags, and clickable thumbnails to earn a sustainable income.

We help you learn how to create effective ads for your business that will be seen, clicked, and converted to bring more traffic and sales. In addition, this course will teach about conversion tracking to fetch valuable insights into your ad campaigns. 

Excel Mastery

This course is best suitable for novice to the advanced learner, and it incorporates practical case studies and is effective for university students, entry-level finance, business, and marketing professionals. It covers all the aspects from basic understanding to advanced features, including lookup functions, pivot tables, functions with conditions, how to create tables, and different charts. 

Email Marketing Mastery

Learn about formal email writing methods, common mistakes to avoid, copywriting tips and hacks, tons of copy and paste templates to sell your products and services faster, and save time by building an easy email system. Additionally, understand the psychology to boost clicks, build trust and generate a steady stream of sales. 

LinkedIn Mastery

Learn how to create a personal brand by finding your right audience, writing quality content, and building a strong network. Moreover, We help you leverage the LinkedIn platform to find internships or jobs or freelancing projects, generate more leads for your business, or find investors or funding for your startups.

3. Influence Mastery

The Influence Mastery bundle helps you learn persuasion techniques to influence and convince your intended customers. In addition, it provides you to accelerate your learning and develop essential skills to emerge as a leader, manager, high potential individual, and influencer. 

What are the benefits of the BizGurukul influence mastery course? 

• You will learn about the fundamentals and essentials of persuasion skills and influence massive people. 

• Our proven techniques help you build rapport and develop genuine trust among your customers. 

• Our wide range of activities, tools, and insider secrets build empowering confidence that effectively convinces your prospective customers. 

• We help you develop immense personal power and charisma to stand yourself in a competitive marketplace.

The courses in influence mastery comprise of

Master Public Speaking

This course helps you look more comfortable, presentable, and confident while speaking in front of your audience. We help you work on the right mindset so that you can express and deliver the exact message with full-fledged confidence. 

Copywriting Mastermind

In this course, you will learn about the art of writing the best copy that drives sales by leveraging the power of words. Moreover, how to write eye-catching headlines, effective ad body, and strong call to action to grab more eyeballs for website landing pages, emails, product announcements, and more. 

Content Writing

We help you write persuasive content by unleashing the power of the right words. This course covers the aspects of technical and research writing, creative writing, and how to create a strong content strategy to promote brands and businesses.

Podcast Mastery

Sales Mastery

4. Ace (Advance career education) 

Ace comprises proven methodologies and frameworks with essential fundamentals to achieve long-term success. 

Ace course includes-

Stock market mastery

Learn what is the stock market is and how it works and understand different types of market, fundamentals, and technical analysis to become a proficient trader. Moreover, learn how to read candlesticks and understand essential concepts like Muharat trading, corporate actions, derivatives, price actions, etc.

5. Courseflix

Courseflix is a knowledge corner for unstoppable limitless learning that cover all kind of courses from business to creative courses to health & wellness to personality development. We have designed this comprehensive and well-versed course so that you can explore and learn new skills and select the skills that perfectly align with your career, interest, and passion. 

It comprises many categories like business, creative courses, health & wellness,  personality development, etc. and sub-categories such as-

Learn copywriting from scratch

Email marketing and marketing automation

WordPress Academy: Learn WordPress Step by Step

Beginners guide to graphology

Mind memory booster course

NLP mind power mastery

Advanced NLP practitioner & NLP mastery course

Diabetes management program

Beginners guide to women health

Basics of weight management

Learn nutrition for different life stages

Diet management course for beginners

Content Writing mastery course

Complete guide to Instagram growth

Your final destination

BizGurukul is a one-stop e-Learning platform for all your personal and professional needs. Our courses are based on real-life knowledge that helps you evolve as your better version and achieve competency in the skills to rule the digital world.

Are you someone willing to learn new skills and looking for a sustainable career and personal growth? Then, check out our website and enroll yourself in the best courses.

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