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Ideal Body Language – Everything you need to know About it

The most unspoken part of the conversation is body language. We’ve all heard that nonverbal communication accounts for 90% of all communication, but is this true? Verbal communication can make the message pretty straightforward, but the hidden message is always there in the gestures of non-verbal communication.

The 90% figure did not appear anywhere. Albert Mehrabian, a body language researcher, was the first to break down the components of a face-to-face conversation. He discovered that communication comprises 55% nonverbal, 38% vocal, and 7% words. This is where the notion that the vast majority of communication is nonverbal came from but does this mean that less than 10% of information is conveyed through spoken words?

The art of Reading Body Language

This art is considered to be valuable feedback whenever you’re catching up with someone. But, here’s a thing, you can miss it if in case you fail to recognize it yourself. So let’s see what you can do to highlight these non-verbal communication gestures. 

-ve Body Language

If you’re talking to someone who delivers any one of the following, you must know that the person is disinterested, unhappy, or scared of talking to you. 

  1. Arms crossed
  2. Tense facial expressions
  3. Not having an eye-contact with you
  4. Not turning to you when you’re speaking
  5. Head moving away from you
  6. Staring at something continuously
  7. Doodling or tapping
  8. Checking phone
  9. Nail-biting
  10. Fidgeting

These are the signs of someone least interested in talking to you. You might encounter such behavior when talking to a colleague, an angry customer, or sometimes friends (Mostly fake friends).

Body Language

+ve Body Language

Some of the positive body language signs are given to share feelings of trust, interest, and happiness. These are the signs that are delivered every now and then by the person who genuinely is a well-wisher of you.

These are as follows-

  1. Open posture
  2. Firm handshake
  3. Carrying a smile
  4. Making enough eye-contact
  5. Looking at you while speaking 
  6. Listening and giving interesting body postures
  7. Positive facial expressions
  8. Attire as per the event

Perfect Body Langage tips

You now know all the negative and positive body language you can prefer to show when talking to someone. Well! Now we shall move to the perfect type of body language tips you can use to ace your interview, meeting, or professional event. 

Steady eye contact with the other person can make you look more confident at first glance. One must carry that smile whenever you’re talking to someone, depending on the situation you’re caught up in. A smile goes a long way. That’s actually right; you should look at it for yourself. This was an ideal body language to carry as a body language for business communication or professional communication. 

Body Language

Let’s move to the part where you’ll understand the postures you need to present when you’re meeting someone or holding a meeting. First, when standing, ensure that your head is straight up, don’t slouch, and tuck in your chin a little bit. Next, don’t cross your legs; it shows that you’re considering yourself above the other person sitting. Finally, take up enough space to sit so that you don’t curl your shoulders much; it reflects that you’re confident. 

Remember, fidgeting is a big no-no. It shows your nervousness. The key to becoming someone’s favorite is wearing a smile and making sure you slay with confidence. 


All the points above cover the majority of positive body language and gestures to be delivered to people you enjoy. Along with all the points mentioned above, you should also try to work on voice modulations and dictionaries. It will enable a more sophisticated self in front of people.

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