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How To Start A Podcast In 2022 Step-By-Step Guide?

Are you struggling to start with your podcast journey? Or are you afraid that you have never done anything technical like before?

Whatever the reason, podcasting seems confusing unless you don’t know how to hit the right string.

Don’t be distressed! This guide holds your hand and helps you from the initial idea to going live so that you can convey your message out to the world and Launchpad quality podcast to your target audience.

Is creating a podcast in 2022 worth it?

Yes, creating a podcast in 2022 is worth it because the digital age brings a diverse range of content formats. In addition, the audio content has become popular to leverage this opportunity. 

Nowadays, people prefer to choose multiple formats to consume the content. And not everyone has the time to read a 5000-word blog article. Therefore, to cater to that need, the podcast has become the prominent substitute while driving, doing household chores, during gym, traveling, etc.

What do you need to start a podcast?

To start a podcast, you need to understand the ins and out of the podcast world. Let’s dive in and learn how to start a podcast and make money

1. Select a podcast topic

Selecting the podcast topic is a primary step and needs your keen attention. Your content won’t work unless you have a strong understanding of your potential audience. Knowing what your audience wants to hear will help you land your podcast at the right place. If you still don’t know understand what’s your audience looking for, draw inspiration from others and find out what’s already been done.

2. Pick the right podcast name

5 tips for choosing your podcast name-

  • Select a name that aligns with your podcast content, and to remember the name, it needs to be easy to spell and pronounce. 
  • Keep it short and sweet and aim for 4 words or less. Let’s say Football weekly, Making Beyonce, The Impact show. Want to get more insights about The “Impact show”, click here
  • Avoid special characters, abbreviations, punctuation, and misspellings. 
  • Incorporate your brand name if you already have one. For example, The Time Ferris Show, The Joe Rogan Experience, etc. 
  • Don’t forget to get feedback from your network.

3. Create a compelling podcast description

Podcast description refers to a podcast summary that lets your listeners know what your podcast is about to tell them. In a survey of 780 podcast consumers, participants were asked to grade out of 10 on various factors like podcast title, description, artwork, name, episode release frequency, and more. The podcast description came out to be number one.

5 tips for writing compelling podcast descriptions-

  • Keep it short and tell listeners what to expect. 
  • Use a consistent tone and keep the audience in mind. 
  • Hook your listeners by asking a question. 
  • Add right and relevant keywords. 
  • Use effective Call-to-action.

4. Choosing a podcast format

A podcast format is an approach to organizing your podcast content. In this way, when you deliver organized content, your audience will retain the content more. The different format includes-

  • The interview podcast format
  • Solo podcast format
  • Conversational podcast format
  • The panel podcast format
  • The non-fictional storytelling podcast format

5. Recording equipment & Editing software

To start a podcast, you barely minimum require a computer with a USB microphone and access to the internet. In addition, you require recording and editing software to make your user experience astounding.

6. Choose a podcast hosting service

A podcast hosting is also known as a media host in which you need to have a podcast hosting account. Podcast hosting is a service that helps you to store audio and permit your listeners to listen, download and subscribe to the podcast.

7. Record the podcast episodes

You might be curious to know how to record a podcast. Here you are finally ready to start. Here are some tips to follow-

  • Don’t be overwhelmed with the feeling to hit the record in your first take. Maybe you mess up, but at this point, don’t give up and keep on doing. 
  • Plan your content well before driving the boat of recording and editing. 
  • Don’t be harsh on yourself if you don’t get a good response. Instead, try to understand the listener’s persona and improve yourself continually.

8. Let the world know about you!

It’s time to launch your podcast by leveraging digital platforms and utilizing your network to grow your brand fast.

How to start a podcast on YouTube?

To create a podcast on YouTube isn’t so hard. You may start your Podcast on YouTube by following simple six steps-

1. Choose the equipment and recording software. 

2. Record your podcast in a format like record-audio only or a video podcast using a computer webcam or external cameras. 

3. It’s a post-production stage where you can fine-tune your recording, design engaging graphics or slides, and break up the video into micro-content. 

4. Set up your media hosting and podcast feed before uploading your videos on YouTube.  

5. Decide video formats, including uploading full episodes, streaming live, or uploading clips. 

6. Finally, the time for creating a YouTube podcast channel and commence your podcast expedition.

How to make money with a podcast?

Whether you want to build a full-time career or look for a side hustle, a podcast is one of the ways. 

Top 3 ways to make money from the podcast-

1. You may earn money is through advertisements or sponsorships. 

2. Affiliate marketing is another way to generate income by recommending others products.

3. Sell your own products, including merchandise, consulting services, books, courses, and more.

Final words

Want to reach millions of listeners and start making money? This podcasting guide will help you gain valuable insights about how to start a podcast and successfully launch it. Lastly, if you feel that you need little guidance and support before starting your podcasting journey, check out the Bizgurukul course on Podcast Mastery for more help.

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