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4 Easy Tips On How To Speak Fluent English Without Hesitation

While writing English is no big of a deal, but excelling in fluency could be quite a challenge for most of you. Now that you are reading this, you might have already made up your mind about learning English. However, achieving a more advanced level of English takes time and patience. Therefore, this article will discuss every aspect of how to speak fluent English without hesitation, from the basics to the professional level. 

Why Learn English From Home?

Foor good reasons learning English from home is gaining popularity throughout the globe. Why? Students are primarily involved in learning from the comfort of their places and making the necessary growth within a closed circle. Learners tend to feel more comfortable and relaxed in their own homes.  

It can also add to productivity because there is no commuting from your home, saving more time. As a result, it has recently started gaining popularity for good. 

How to Learn English at Home?

There are plenty of online English-speaking courses in India. For example, you can enroll in the ‘Spoken English’ course by ‘Branding Mastery’ of Bizgurukul.  

While it is easy to read new books and learn new words every day, only these things could not bring fluency to your language. You are supposed to practice what you have learned through your time. Having a partner to practice with is enough to gain fluency, but the only condition is to have a partner who has expertise in the language. 

There is more to learning English than having a good dictionary and grammar. English changes with the trends. So many slangs come and go. Study them to understand that you are good at communication. Slangs are a great way to bring your touch to par with other communicators. 

Things to do to Bring Fluency: How To Speak Fluent English Without Hesitation

You will have to adapt multiple ways to get in the habit of speaking it fluently. But, follow the given things, and you are all set to ace this game. 

1. Watch Hollywood series

Hollywood movies are fun, but they let you learn the basics of English speaking. English pronunciation could be challenging, but not when you know from series. It corrects your pronunciation. Start watching English web series. 

To begin with, you can start putting English subtitles to your mother tongue language movies and learn from there. That’s precisely how you can create fluency and keep growing afterward. 

2. Maintain a Journal

Writing something of your own is genuinely a way to increase your creativity or eloquence. Writing and speaking styles differ from person to person, indicating that people have productivity. It is a way of practicing your practical skills and whatever you have learned so far. 

Try to interact with any native English speaker so that you can put up their language in your journal. Recycling their content would do no harm in your language. Instead, you will enhance your speaking skills

If you are someone who underestimates the power of writing, then you should know that writing and speaking go hand in hand. Once you can write things clearly, you will implement those words in your speaking. 

3. Prepare a Monologue or Speech

You are very well prepared to start speaking English at times, but what is the beginning point? There is no such thing as the beginning point. You should know there is no turning back in life when you begin. Memorize dialogues from your favorite movie and rehearse them every day in front of the mirror to realize how well you have grown with your accent. 

Play your favorite movie; try to grab everything they say without subtitles. Then, if you wish, you can note these dialogues so that it is easy to make the comparison when you on the subtitles. It will be interesting when you start mimicking your favorite dialogue on your own. 

Start with a paragraph and add words and expressions for books and magazines. Again, make it crisp and short. If there is anything in the phrase you are unaware of, start looking up its definition in Google. 

4. Keep a Check on your Progress

Keep a check on your progress. If you are doing something wrong, try to correct it with the help of a recorder. Record yourself in a video or audio and test to grasp where you are going wrong. This way, you are going to make better improvements in your fluency. 


While English is an easy language for Indians, considering our history with Britishers, but it might need all your attention to get started with. Therefore, this article has tried to cover all the significant ways to get English fluency from home.

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