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How To Learn Excel Online And Achieve Mastery In Quick Time?

Learning Excel seems intimidating because this sophisticated software comes with loads of functionality. But if you learn it appropriately, it’s not a hard nut to crack. 

You might be wondering why to become proficient in excel and get stuck in a lot of functionality, formulas, and shortcuts. 

Why should you learn Excel? Let’s not talk in words; look at the statistics.

  • According to the RHI survey, people with certifications in excel earn 12% more on average than non-certified peers. 
  • 90% of offices use Microsoft excel in their daily tasks, and hence there is no reason for not learning excel.
  • According to a burning glass study, 80% of job openings demand spreadsheets and word-processing software skills. It shows to get the job; you can’t ignore the trend of Excel.

5 Authentic Tips To Learn Excel Online And Become Pro-

  1. Master the shortcuts

Undoubtedly, Shortcuts help you save more time and resolve your problem in no time. With excel shortcuts, you may navigate your functions only with the help of keyboards without using the mouse.  For instance, you can copy the entire content by ctrl+a, ctrl f to find items, ctrl n to create a new workbook, and more. Don’t get caught up only in learning shortcuts. The best way to master the shortcuts of excel is to put your knowledge into action. Whatever shortcuts you learn, apply them. Otherwise, it will vanish from your mind, and in the end, your time will only get wasted.

  1. Practice simple problems in excel

Before jumping into the complex functions and losing the motivation for learning excel, start with simple things. First, try to learn simple formatting, functions, and shortcuts. Incorporate it by solving simple math problems like calculating the sum, difference, multiplication, division, average, percentage, and comparison. These are the basic functions that will help you on how to learn excel, and making a command on it will allow you to solve more complex problems.

  1. Learn how to create tables

Solving math problems is the starting point to learning excel. After that, you can move one further step and learn more about the tables. Learn how to create tables and apply different functions to understand the results and applications. You may create tables for sorting or filtering data.

  1. Learn how to create charts 

If you are looking at how to learn excel online and master it, you can’t miss out on learning charts. They are interactive tools to display the latest trends, data, and numbers convincingly. Charts are usually the graphical representation of data that allows the user to understand the complex data simpler and comprehended. In Excel, you can create ample charts based on the type of data-

• Column chart

• Line chart

• Doughnut chart

• Pie chart 

• Bar chart

• Area chart

• Scatter chart

• Stock chart

• Bubble chart

• Surface chart

• Radar chart

• Combo chart

  1. Networking

You may network with people with whom you share a common motive. Let’s say, in this case, you learn to excel and become an expert. You may create a group on Facebook or join such groups. In other words, make someone your accountability partner to jumpstart excel learning journey. Although looking for the right partner takes time, overall, it’s a good way to network with others. If you are unsure about this one, don’t forget to read our next bonus tip that offers sure-shot success.  (Never thought of this? Now think….)

  1. Earn an Excel mastery certification

Learn advanced excel to enhance your analytical skills and increase your chances of getting hired by a reputable company. Excel is the universal language globally, and companies look for candidates to understand the nuances of excel and help them manage their work easier. Hence, achieving Excel mastery will unlock an enormous opportunity for you. The major benefit of certification courses is they have been designed in a structured way that includes bite-sized video tutorials, learning material, exercise files, and quizzes that make your learning simple and help in more retention. If you want to join a well-informative and practical course that offers a comprehensive advantage in excel mastery, you may consider this course.

To Sum Up

Organizing and manipulating data manually is a tedious process, and at the same time, it consumes a lot of time. Excel is a powerful tool for analyzing stocks, budgeting, organizing client sales lists, or making major business decisions. It would help if you learned Excel to stand yourself in the competition, and it is a getaway to long-term success.

Are you ready to master Excel? It is a skill that helps you to propel your career forward. 

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