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How Much Money Do Bizgurukul Instructors Make?

There is a famous saying that the money you earn is an impeccable remark of the value you create. 

When it comes to Instructor, the same thing happens. 

It is one of the professions that entirely focuses on creating value for their students.

Two common problems that Instructors face while selling their course-

  • How will they get the students for their course? 
  • If they sell their course on any other platform, they will earn less profit.

Both problems are critical and need to be intervened. But unfortunately, most instructors won’t get the money they deserve. 

To keep the spotlight on both these problems, Bizgurukul has brought the opportunity for instructors to receive the reward for their efforts.

How does Bizgurukul help instructors to make money?

Bizgurukul helps instructors to gain valuable rewards for their expertise. To justify the Instructor’s cost, we have a segment known as Courseflix. We offer the magnitude of courses in diverse niches in this segment, including health, copywriting, personal development, and more. 

The primary barrier that instructors encounter is to cater to more students. It can easily be solved if an instructor collaborates with a good student acquisition platform. Bizgurukul is one of them with a troop of more than one lakh students. More students keep on joining the platform and continually make it big.

The secondary barrier is if an Instructor joins any platform, they will get less commission on their course. Bizgurukul offers 30-90% of the commission on the course on every purchase to give a sigh of relief to the Instructors. Before jumping into “How much Bizgurukul pays for a course,” let’s spotlight the benefits, Bizgurukul offers to its instructors.

What are the benefits offered by Bizgurukul to the Instructors?

Instructors can avail of many benefits from our platform, and some of them are-

  1. Get an army of students

Nothing can be better than having a massive number of students available in one place. That’s the most significant advantage our instructors avail from the Bizgurukul platform. They don’t need to chase different social media platforms to hunt for students. Hence, Bizgurukul offers one platform for all the Instructors’ requirements.

  1. Up to 90% of the commission

No matter what efforts you had put into creating a course until you get the right price for your sheer hard work. Therefore, Bizgurukul straightaway offers up to 90% of the commission to the Instructors.

  1. Freedom of language

Now Instructors won’t need to worry about the language barrier. We provide Instructors the opportunity to create courses in Hindi, English, or Hinglish language. Most of the platforms don’t offer such flexibility, but with Bizgurukul, you can avail yourself of this lucrative benefit.

  1. No Niche barrier

The most complex code to crack is to find out the niche and monetize it. But the good news is that Bizgurukul doesn’t have a niche barrier. Therefore, whatever your expertise, you can create a course on that niche. So whether you want to craft a course on weight management, graphology, mind memory booster, content writing mastery, Instagram growth, or more, you are welcome on the Bizgurukul platform.

  1. Free branding & marketing

The most tedious task is marketing and branding, and it will drain a lot of money from your pocket. Even after spending money, you are unsure about getting leads and sales. With the right kind of marketing, you can quickly sell your course and earn money. You might get stuck in the marketing process, but here is the solution. Bizgurukul platform will do free marketing and branding for you. So you need to only focus on the quality of the course and leave the rest on us.

How much do Bizgurukul instructors cost?

Bizgurukul instructors’ cost goes in the form of commissions, and the instructors get commission up to 90% in our Courseflix segmentThe most significant advantage of the Bizgurukul platform is that there is no niche barrier. For instance, you have good cooking skills; you can create courses on this niche. If you want to gain insights about the kind of niches, you may check out here.

Now, dwell on high-earning Bizgurukul Instructors who have achieved great success by leveraging our platform.

Top 5 high earning Bizgurukul Instructors

1. Anmol Duggal

2. Saddam Kassim

3. Astha Kalra

4. Manmohan Dutt

5. Dietician Alpana

Are you ready?

Don’t miss out on a golden opportunity to become an Instructor on Bizgurukul. Put your thinking cap on and ponder how a Bizgurukul platform helps you in many ways, from an army of students to attractive commissions to niche freedom to free marketing & branding to everything. 

If you want to join Bizgurkul as an instructor, click here.

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