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How To Implement The LinkedIn Marketing Strategy And Generate Leads?

Gone are the days when LinkedIn was a teeny professional network site. Instead, it has transformed into an enormous world force and brought out significant opportunities.

If you are not leveraging the LinkedIn marketing platform, you miss out on the main revenue generation opportunity window. 

LinkedIn is one of the underrated platforms for lead generation, but in reality, it has immense potential if someone knows how to use it to their advantage. 

You are still unsure about it! 

Without further ado, look at the convincing statistics

  • Social media statistics note that the LinkedIn platform generates 300% more B2B leads than Facebook. 
  • LinkedIn stats reveal that 93% of B2B marketers trusted LinkedIn as the most effective platform to generate qualified leads. 
  • 80% of B2B social leads driven from LinkedIn

Let’s jump into the key fundamentals to know more about the LinkedIn platform-

What is LinkedIn?

It’s the world’s largest professional network across social media platforms that provide career opportunities and is specifically designed for the business community. You can unravel your career path by getting the right job or doing paid or unpaid internships to hone your skills, strengthen professional relationships, and climb the success ladder. LinkedIn for students and businesses both, and many opportunities are available for students.

9 proven LinkedIn strategies to generate qualified leads

1. Profile optimization

Optimization means tailoring your profile to come in the searches, and your relevant industry will discover you. It will help if you make your profile aesthetically appealing and engaging. 

Five tips to optimize your profile-

  • Your profile picture is your calling card, and hence use a headshot picture (your face takes up around 60%).
  • Add the right background picture that explicitly grabs your customer’s attention and defines your services and expertise. 
  • Your headlines speak more than your job titles. Use the headline field and say a bit more about yourself. You can also look at the profiles to draw inspiration. 
  • On LinkedIn, there is an about section; craft it in the way that it defines a compelling story of yours, not write it down in the form of a summary. 
  • List your relevant skills and add them to the skills and endorsement section. But you need to focus more on the core skills and services you will offer.

2. Connect with the right decision-makers

If you want to generate leads, you need to be proactive on the LinkedIn platform and connect with a network of industry experts. Don’t search casually; be specific about your connections to gain the maximum benefits. For example, your search includes the name of a particular role like “Digital marketer” Or “Social media manager,” etc., to reach the right person. 

3. Focus on maintaining a strong network

Don’t get obsessed with lead generation during the initial days. Instead, it would help if you focused more on building a relationship and creating a solid network. The LinkedIn platform is not instant gamification, and it takes time. But once you have a strong profile, you will get many inbound leads. 

4. Boost the visibility of your profile

Many people try to understand the algorithm of LinkedIn and act accordingly. But LinkedIn keeps on changing its algorithm. Instead of wasting your time, look for the more thoughtful way. To enhance your visibility, you need to become an active member on the platform by posting valuable and relevant content and engaging with others’ profiles to gain more traction. 

5. Identify your top-performing content

If you are thinking about how to use LinkedIn effectively, you should identify your top engaging content. Next, you need to diversify your content and use different formats like text, infographics, polls, videos, memes, and carousels. Then, look at which activities gain more engagement and boost your visibility. 

6. Keep your target audience in mind

In case you want to become successful in generating leads, keep your potential audience in mind. If you are looking at how to use LinkedIn effectively for business, you should create more audience-centric content. Your audience is more interested in getting valuable content than all-time selling your services. So make a balance and shallow your marketing pitches and focus on adding value to your content.

7. Ask for recommendations & skills endorsements

It’s a great way to let your potential clients know about your skills and expertise. In addition, you may connect with the people to whom you have delivered your services and ask them for recommendations. You may also give recommendations and endorsements to others, and they are more likely to return the favor in some way. 

8. Review who looks for a profile

You don’t miss this opportunity whenever you see someone review your profile. You may outreach to that person but don’t sell straight away. Instead, communicate, understand and generate your lead. 

9. Publish the in-depth article on LinkedIn

What better way to display your expertise by writing content that reflects your in-depth knowledge? Then, when people visit your profile, they look for your articles, and it gives them a striking impression, and you will generate leads without pitching them.

Final words

LinkedIn is a goldmine for generating qualified leads and conversions. With the right tools, strategies, and pro tips, you can bring a convincing opportunity for you. 

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