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How can LinkedIn prove to be helpful for your business?

While connecting with your followers, you should know you are spreading the word directly to your first-hand consumers about your brand. LinkedIn currently has 1.2 billion users; on the other hand, Facebook has almost 3 billion, which clearly states the importance of LinkedIn. When it comes to your growth and building connections through different social media platforms, LinkedIn should stand somewhere in your top 5 preferences. It might not be much of a platform to build your personal brand, but it has an audience worth paying attention to. 

Here are the top reasons you should have a strategy for building your content on LinkedIn. 

Establishes a Unique Credibility

It might sound like a big deal to post something related to work on your social media platforms regarding professional achievements. Still, LinkedIn is a platform that lets you post anything and everything about your professional life. 

Here’s a thing. Who would you trust more- someone who says they’ve achieved this or that throughout their life or someone who has proof of what they’re saying? It goes without saying that someone who shows you exactly what they’ve done holds more credibility. LinkedIn was named the first rated platform for B2B lead generations. 

How can LinkedIn prove to be helpful for your business?

Building more leads

As per the statistics on LinkedIn, 93% of hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn lead generation for their benefit. Maybe you can be one of them. LinkedIn is the only platform that gives you the ability to create an online personal brand that enables you to make yourself visible to crucial decision-makers and recruiters. This means that when you type your name into a search engine like Google, you have an online personal brand that appears in search results. As a result, you should treat your LinkedIn profile just like you build your CV in the best way, it should also sell you the same. Furthermore, this enables you to get more leads for your personal brand in terms of hiring. 

Traffic Building

One of LinkedIn’s lesser-known strengths is its ability to drive traffic and build links. LinkedIn, like other social networks, has a social sharing button that allows you to share content in your status updates (which are visible on the homepage) and in LinkedIn Groups (communities) to which you belong. It is great for business-related content and has the potential to spread virally. As a result, LinkedIn is frequently used to share business content rather than Facebook.

Professional Influencer

One always has a certain niche that one excels in. Several LinkedIn features enable you to position yourself as a domain leader. From creating high-quality content to improving your personal profile and participating in LinkedIn communities to answering questions, the network is a fertile ground for thought and practice leaders seeking to become trusted advisors. Leadership and reputation are inextricably linked to influence. Because LinkedIn’s primary purpose is networking, it also allows you to identify and engage with other influencers.

How can LinkedIn prove to be helpful for your business?

Additional benefits

LinkedIn comes with its own set of advantages. Like any other social media platform, it is not only restricted to posting professional achievements and content about it, but it also broadens the arena of improvement. Through LinkedIn Learning, you can expand your knowledge set as it consists of broad subject matter courses provided by different institutions throughout the globe. 

Moreover, LinkedIn groups are of great benefit for professional notices or information. It does not matter if you’re the owner of that LinkedIn group or just a member of it; these networks have multiple sets of benefits. Being an active member of a Group can help you and your company network with other professionals and businesses in your field, particularly those outside your immediate circle of current and former colleagues, classmates, and employers.


LinkedIn is an ideal platform to gain insights into where you stand in the competition of your niche, how you can expand your professional circle, and how you can hunt for better opportunities than where you stand at the time of joining. Although this platform is not much similarly famous as any other social media platform, this can surely benefit you in its own ways. 

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