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How Do Bizgurukul Affiliates Get Paid For Selling The Courses?

Bizgurukul affiliate marketing program brings money-making opportunities for its affiliates by offering them live training and interactive sessions. 

Bizgurukul aims to get its affiliates trained for an entrepreneurial mindset and help them push their comfort boundaries to emerge as their best version.

So, what exactly is the Bizgurukul affiliate marketing?

It is a kind of referral program that pays you the commission for selling their online courses. The online courses provided by Bizgurukul encompass a wide range of skill enhancement categories, including Spoken English, Podcast Mastery, Copywriting Mastermind, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing Mastery, YouTube Mastermind, Video Superstar, and more. 

But you might be thinking other platforms like Amazon also offer the affiliate marketing program.

Why Bizgurukul affiliate marketing?

There is a no-brainer that Bizgurukul offers a commission of up to 70%, which is relatively high compared to other platforms. In addition, we provide handholding support to our affiliates and help them sharpen their skills to bring more sales in their way. It is why Bizgurukul is one of the best affiliate programs to make money

The benefit of joining Bizgurukul is that you get everything in one place, from personal mentorship to skill development to strong community support to earning money. 

The next question immediately strikes your mind how much you can earn from affiliate marketing.

How much can I earn from affiliate marketing in India?

You might be surprised to know that the average salary of affiliates who know how affiliate marketing works can earn up to ₹20 Lakhs per annum.

Usually, the affiliate marketers earn between ₹4 lakhs to ₹50 Lakhs.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity for you if you are ready to put in your consistent effort, and there is no turning back.

It entirely depends on you whether you want affiliate marketing as a permanent career or a source of passive income. 

You might be willing to know about “how does Bizgurukul give money to its affiliates?”

Let’s plunge into it right away.

How does Bizgurukul give money to its affiliates?

A simple PAY method helps our affiliates receive the payment without hassle.

P- Purchase & Enroll yourself in the course

First, you can become an affiliate by purchasing the course offered by Bizgurukul. Then, once you enroll in the course, you become a Bizgurukul affiliate.

A- Active Dashboard

You will be provided with an active affiliate dashboard that shows all your earnings. In addition, you will see how many bundles or segments you have sold by using your referral link. Therefore, you can have all your earning details in a unified place with utmost transparency.

Y-Your money land into your account

The best part is that your money can directly land into your account within one day of your selling courses via NEFT. For example, you sell a course on 19th February, you will receive the amount by 20th February. In case, any national holiday or week off arrives, you will receive the money within seven days.

With Bizgurukul affiliate marketing, you don’t require to wait for a month to redeem your money. Instead, it’s an instant money transfer process directly to your account in a single day.

Bizgurukul affiliate marketing products

Now you are aware of affiliate marketing, its earning potential, and how you can receive payment from Bizgurukul. Now it’s the time to know about Bizgurukul products that you can sell to your target audience. 

Bizgurukul offers skills enhancement courses that help individuals gain a competitive advantage in their professional careers. Our courses encompass real-life, skill-based knowledge and almost cover all the relevant and trending topics.

Our courses come in three bundles and two segments. In each bundle and segment except ACE, we offer multiple ranges of topics. It includes-

3 Mastery Bundles

Mastery bundles is a set of bundles that include the top-most in-demand skills of the technological age.

  1. Branding Mastery
  2. Traffic Mastery
  3. Influence Mastery

2 Segments

In the ACE segment, you will learn about the stock market and how you can invest your money to gain hefty returns. Courseflix is a range of courses that helps you learn about diverse niches, including memory booster, NLP, weight management, and more.

  1. ACE (Advance Career Education)
  2. Courseflix

If you want to look for the detailed Bizgurukul products list, Visit here.

Get started with Bizgurukul Affiliate Program Today!

Bizgurukul offers an excellent Affiliate marketing program to turn your side passion into a steady source of passive income. 

Join the Bizgurukul Affiliate marketing program and start earning money. 

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