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Get Hands-on Digital Marketing With The Top Online Course

Digital Marketing is any kind of marketing that uses internet technology to spread messages, brand-building awareness, or any such thing for the benefit of one or the other. However, it might also add the communication done through messages, SMS, and multimedia. Yet, surprisingly, television is commonly grouped with traditional marketing

Around 5 billion people worldwide actively use the Internet. If we compare it to the world population, it consists of 63% of active users of the Internet. The people untouched by this technology remains mainly from- Southern and Eastern Asia and Africa. Recently, internet users tend to grown at a pace of 4% per year.

Types of Digital Marketing

Technically, there are quite a lot of types of digital marketing but to mention a few, the given are the top 5 types of digital marketing or internet marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is the process of improving your website so that it appears more prominently when people type the name of the products or services your brand has to offer on Google, Bing, and other search engines. The ultimate goal is to make your search results rank higher in order to build more customers. 

Now it goes without saying that it depends on certain things. For instance- the proper use of the right keyword, quality of the content, inbound links, algorithms of the search engine you’re using, and many more factors to be considered. 

Here’s a thing you should remember about SEO: no quantifiable rule or consistent rubric practice will work for you, but it’s a mixture of everything. The only thing you can do as a digital marketer is to measure your performance and keep a check on it closely. 

Content is the Leader

Content Marketing is an integral part of the strategy to rank your product at the top of any search engine. It relies entirely on your SEO and is vital to internet marketing

The reason for content marketing is to hit the target audience with qualitative content that might be helpful at certain times. Furthermore, it can also lead you to build more customers. You can do it multiple ways- Paid ads, written texts, social media posts, and videos on your website. The primary goal is to educate customers about products or services rather than persuade them to purchase. Content marketing can help a company generate leads and increase customer engagement. According to HubSpot research, blog businesses receive 85 percent more inbound links, traffic, and social shares.

Here are some of the data you might find useful after reading the above:-

  • 84% of customers expect businesses to create entertaining and valuable content experiences.
  • 62% of companies with at least 5,000 employees create content daily.
  • 92% of marketers believe that content is an essential asset to their company.
Get Hands-on Digital Marketing With The Top Online Course

Social Media Marketing

it refers to the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience in order to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. Making high-quality content on different social media platforms, making your followers engage with your brand, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements are all part of this.

At the moment, the most popular social media platforms are the following:-

  1. Facebook (60% of social media users are on Facebook)
  2. Instagram (62% of users log in at least once a day)
  3. Tiktok (52 min average time spent per user)
  4. Pinterest (⅓ use it to follow companies)
  5. LinkedIn (50% of college degree holders use it)
  6. Snapchat (2nd most popular mobile app)

With multiple social media management tools, businesses are paving their way from traditional marketing to internet marketing

The required strategy for building a brand on different social media platforms is as follows:-

  1. Strategy building
  2. Planning and implementing
  3. Track growth
  4. Analytics and reports
  5. Advertising 

What to do now?

Having said everything you must know about the growth in digital marketing, you must be wondering who would tell you more about these strategies and measures. The answer to your question is pretty simple. Bizgurukul, India’s leading ed-tech platform, is your escape from all the distorted information on the internet. You can now get the information in a structured way through the Digital Marketing Mastery course of Bizgurukul. 

Well! There are plenty of other digital marketing courses, but learning them from someone who started everything from scratch will ace your game of becoming an excellent digital marketer. 

Get Hands-on Digital Marketing With The Top Online Course

Wrapping Up

Digital marketing should be an essential part of nearly every company’s or individual’s overall marketing strategy. Never before has such consistent contact with your customers been possible, and nothing else can provide the sense of personalization that these social media records can. The more you embrace digital marketing’s possibilities, the greater your company’s growth potential will be realized.

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