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BizGurukul Scam: Everything You Need To Know About It

Bizgurukul is an ed-tech platform that primarily focuses on giving quality education to all learners. It earned the tag of a million-dollar startup right after 11 months of its initiation. Bizgurukul, India’s fastest growing learner’s group, is immensely proud to say that it is a community of more than 1 lakh users. Having achieved a lot in a short span, it is completely fine to think it is BizGurukul scam, but the answer to that is no. It isn’t. Scroll down to know more about it. 

On March 24, 2020, the company was created by three ambitious minds: Ritwiz Tiwari (Founder), Rohit Sharma (Co-Founder), and Keshave Lal (Business Mentor). With charismatic individuals at the helm, the organization shall keep growing and achieving the success it needs. Bizgurukul is acing its game in the age of multiple e-learning platforms by infusing real-world information into the traditional educational system along with value-added training sessions. The company’s spine is its prominent leaders, and under their leadership, it has recruited 100+ trainers and one lac+ family under the umbrella term of ‘Bizgurukul’ in less than a year. Achieving this was a significant milestone, and it will continue to be a step toward the company’s expansion into a much larger family.

Below are the FAQs you might have faced. For instance, like the terms Bizgurukul scam or a genuine brand. This shall clear your doubts. 


Can I earn from BizGurukul?

Yes! You can. BizGurukul is an e-learning platform that provides you with a medium to monetize your skills. There are multiple ways through which you can earn money. The first way to make money is by enrolling in the courses that provide you with the quality skills much-needed for personal growth. These courses drive to monetize your skills. 

Another way is by enrolling yourself in our Affiliate Marketing Program. Bizgurukul is a platform wherein you can sell the courses to your friends and earn a commission out of it.

Is BizGurukul Another E-Biz Scam in the Making?

No! As mentioned above, Bizgurukul is an ed-tech platform that provides you with a platform to monetize your skills and earn money through the Affiliate Marketing Program. Bizgurukul Scam is nothing more than just a rumor because we are a family of more than 1 lakh users, and strive to grow every day. 

You can be a part of this family, either by buying a course of your choice or by becoming an affiliate. Our trainers have some of the best experiences in their respective fields. They teach practical examples, unlike theoretical knowledge provided at many institutions.

BizGurukul Courses: Are they worth it?

Bizgurukul serves multiple industry courses on the plate. With courses like Branding Mastery, Traffic Mastery, Influence Mastery, Stock Market mastery, we have added a brand new segment called Courseflix. It is a bundle that consists of trending skills to help you in personal development.

Is BizGurukul misleading young people?

We are only showing you what we serve to the people. We do not tend to bring any kind of misunderstanding in the minds of youths. Bizgurukul is helping people achieve their goals. Kindly stay away from rumors like BizGurukul Scam. You can directly contact our customer service in case you face any difficulty in understanding how it works.

What is the average amount an affiliate typically earns in a year?

The average amount an affiliate can earn depends upon the hard work put forward by the affiliate themself. People have made from ₹25,000 to infinity. Your dedication decides your income. 

What is the maximum amount an affiliate has earned a commission through your marketing scheme in a year?

As already mentioned above, people have earned ₹12 lakhs, ₹25 lakhs, and whatnot. You can be amongst them with your hard work and passion for making money. There is no limit to earning with Bizgurukul.

Are the products sold by BizGurukul priced competitively? If not, how much is the difference? Is it true that these products are costlier than other similar products in the market?

Bizgurukul aims to provide quality courses instead of quantitative. So it has included a fantastic range of courses for your upskilling. You can enroll in these courses yourself to witness what we have to offer. All the courses at Bizgurukul are priced reasonably considering the quality put forward in the courses. 

If someone decides the direct selling business is not for him, what is the refund policy of BizGurukul?

You can get a refund of your buy within 24 hours of the purchase made. The amount to be reimbursed will be reduced by a payment gateway fee of 2% of the paid amount and a processing fee of 5% of the paid amount. Mail us at, with the documents mentioned below
1. Full Name 
2. Registered e-mail ID 
3. Registration date 
4. Screenshot of Payment Invoice with date and time (You must have received on e-mail/message when you paid) 
5. Reason for refund 

Your affiliates have mentioned that anyone can earn money. Is it yet another Bizgurukul Scam?

One only has to enroll in the Affiliate Marketing Program to be an active member of earning like this. We have a total family of the following:-
1 lakh+ student Enrolled 
24Cr+ community earning
300+ live training
100+ trainers
15+ Media presence

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