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BIZGURUKUL – Can You Earn From This Platform? Legal or Not

Some would talk about the Bizgurukul Scam. Some would say they earned through this platform a lot, so what is the absolute truth behind it? Is it beneficial if you wish to learn and make money simultaneously? Keep scrolling ahead, and you will have answers to all your doubts related to the Bizgurukul scam

What is Bizgurukul?

It is an ed-tech platform that primarily focuses on providing you with practical courses so that you can improve your skillset. These courses range from public speaking courses to stock market courses. The best part about Bizgurukul is that it aims to facilitate practical knowledge over any other theoretical courses. Moreover, including real-life-based ability throughout the training of the courses has made it possible to create a community of more than 1 lac users. 

Let’s go back to when it was established in 2020 when the world was going through a pandemic. The founders of Bizgurukul were planning to deliver a website that could help students earn and learn by monetizing their skills. Ritwiz Tiwari (Founder), Rohit Sharma (Co-Founder), and Keshave Lal (Business Mentor) founded the company on March 24, 2020. 

Technology has drastically revolutionized the education sector in the third year of the epidemic! Bizgurukul, one of the top platforms for combining best educational practices with relevant IT tools, evolved to become India’s fastest-growing ed-tech platform within a year of its initiation. Through these online courses, either you can develop your skills or enroll in the affiliate marketing program of Bizgurukul. 

Let’s move to the Affiliate Part

All content providers, publishers, and promoters who want to benefit from India’s largest affiliate entrepreneur network should join the Bizgurukul Affiliate Program. Choose one of the courses from the site, and you can earn 50% to 70% of the commission. 

Like any other affiliate marketing program, Bizgurukul seeks to nourish you with different courses, and if you bring your leads to learn these courses, you will get more than half of the commission through this. 

An added benefit of Bizgurukul is that it enhances the website whenever needed. The website is already great, but Bizgurukul tends to improve it as per the customers’ needs that change every day. As of now, we are sure your perception about ‘Bizgurukul Scam’ has already vanished. 

Bizgurukul aims to provide skillful courses that include real-life-based experiences. Join live webinars to boost your affiliate sales. Become an entrepreneur with us today! 

Hear it From Affiliates 

Bizgurukul is India’s largest affiliate entrepreneur community. People trust it, which ultimately shows the originality of the brand. Nevertheless, people only believe in a product when they learn it from others. 

Ritesh Tiwari

A dream of a guy who went to pay his college fees on the metro wished to take his degree on his car when he gets in his 3rd year of college life. This dream is no longer a dream. It is now a reality for him. He has bought his dream car, Verna. At 20, he continued with his academics and made ₹43,53,900 simultaneously. Building lakhs every month is not that easy, but it is also not impossible. 

Total Income- ₹44,25,525

Paridhi Agarwal

Being an ordinary college student to featuring in the ‘Entrepreneurs today’ is an achievement. A matter of fact is that she has been able to do it all at just the age of 20 years. In addition, she has been able to earn almost around 2000-10,000 daily. Her creativity has given her a successful position in the Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Program, but other than that, she is an individual entrepreneur. 

Total Income- ₹37,07,410

Hiriti Chawla

Can you imagine a 2nd-year college student would be able to make it to a six-figure income along with her college? Yes! You heard it right. Hiriti Chawla is one of the members of Bizgrukul. 

It was her 12th standard when she decided to contribute to her family’s financial status. It was an early age to think of all of this, but she was mature from the beginning of her school life. 

She believes in one thing that her hard work and luck went hand-on-hand when she enrolled with Bizgurukul. She had absolutely no clue how successful she would be in the future. Yet, within 10 hours of registering with Bizgurukul, Hiriti converted her first lead. That’s the hard work Bizgurukul is aiming to develop in its family. 

Total Income- ₹63,36,250

Abhishek Jaiswal

We have talked about 18 years being the youngest age of earning. Now let’s move to the guy who is just 17-years-old. Mostly, we are unaware of what future we are going to build for ourselves at such a young age, but this guy did not let it be on his path. He made a six-figure earning right when he enrolled with Bizgurukul. 

He believes that the beginning is essential. Whether you win or lose in the starting, there will be a time you will be much more than just this. He got his first sale after a month of starting up; he got his first sale, he got his first sale with his dedication and all the hard work. Abhishek has also made it to the ‘Fame of Hall’ on the YouTube of Bizgurukul, where he has shown immense love for this platform.

Total Income- 39,78,000

Nikki Roy

A content creator and a B. Com. Hons. Student is all set to train almost all her affiliates. Nikki has trained nearly 2000+ students. In addition, she has been teaching everyone how to monetize your Instagram handle lately. 

People have been hunting for online opportunities to grow and learn throughout the lockdown. This is precisely when Nikki found Bizgurukul, and from that moment onwards, she has been learning and rising to the heights of success. 

Total Income- 34,53,100

This is it for Bizgurukul Scam. Hope you have read all the details carefully to analyze if Bizgurukul is a legal platform or not.

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