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Which Is The Best Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In India?

It’s certainly true that making money online in such a competitive world is now possible.

You have often heard or read that people have successfully reached the money-making journey from “rags to riches.”

Even they did it without having their own business products or services.

The way that leads to this journey is Affiliate Marketing.

Yes, you heard it right!

But Affiliate marketing is no magic or trick or a “get-quick-rich scheme.” 

There is a strategy behind it which you will know in this article.

So don’t miss it to read till the end!

Let us begin by figuring out how to start affiliate marketing in India– 

Affiliate marketing is a well-organized system to earn money by recommending products or services. The process works in five steps-

Step 1: Product Exploration 

Identify the products or services that help you earn attractive commissions.

Step 2: Partner to earn

Partner with an affiliate marketing program that offers profound benefits. You may find many affiliate marketing programs, but here the key is to select the program that offers you attractive commissions. 

Did you know?

Bizgurukul offers commission up to 70%.

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After enrolling in an affiliate marketing program, you will receive a special link. Through that link, your affiliate program comes to know how many users purchase their product from your link.

Now is the time to make big bucks by promoting the company’s products through your affiliate link. You can promote their products across different social media platforms by providing your affiliate link.

Step 5: start making commissions.

Here the magic begins! You can see all your efforts pays off by earning a lucrative commission in your bank account.

Types of affiliate marketing

There are three types of affiliate marketing it includes-

  1. Unattached affiliate marketing.
  2. Related affiliate marketing
  3. Involved affiliate marketing

1. Unattached affiliate marketing

In this type of marketing, you have no presence and authority in the product’s niche you will promote digitally. The primary factor is that there is no connection between you and your end customer. It is a kind of income-generating model rather than a business model because you are putting an affiliate link in front of someone on digital platforms in the hope that someone may click on your affiliate link, buy the product, and you will get the commission. 

It is another form of marketing in which you have some sort of online presence, and you are selling the product related to your niche, but you haven’t used them. 

3. Involved affiliate marketing

It’s the best kind of marketing because you recommend the products you have already used and have immense trust in them. In this way, you are doing complete justice to your audience. Furthermore, your audience likely gets the benefits when you recommend honest products. And they will surely recommend it to others. 

That is why Bizgurukul supports Involved Affiliate Marketing and has become one of India’s best affiliate marketing platforms.

First, you have purchased the online courses offered by Bizgurukul at a reasonable price. Then, after getting the experience, you can promote their products to your audience. Check out Bizgurukul affiliate marketing right away.

Best niche for affiliate marketing in India

Affiliate marketing works best when choosing the right and trending niche to make an attractive revenue stream.

Most profitable niches for affiliate marketing-

  • Lifestyle and wellness
  • Technology
  • Skill development courses
  • Personal finance
  • Beauty
  • Gaming
  • Digital marketing
  • Travel
  • Home décor
  • Weight loss
  • Real estate
  • Food blog
  • Finances
  • Making money online and marketing.

How to be a successful affiliate marketer?

To become successful in affiliate marketing, you need to ponder on two things-


The right skill set is essential to become successful in affiliate marketing. Some of the skills include-

  • Negotiation skills
  • Persuasion skills
  • Communication skills
  • Some degree of technical skills


You might be wondering why you need the right affiliate marketing program. The reason is simple- because you need it to achieve financial freedom.

Sounds good? Let us tell you 5 profound benefits of the right affiliate program-

  • Less efforts-more commission.
  • Fewer worries- get a strong community for support.
  • Right training- more lucrative results.
  • Less to no doubts- get personal mentoring.
  • Personality enhancement- more exposure

From getting more commission to strong community support to right training to skill enhancement to more, affiliate marketing has no limitations. Once you become an affiliate, there is no way back.

How to become an affiliate marketer without a website?

You might have heard that you need a website for affiliate marketing, and to build a website, you have to spend a large chunk of money. But the fact is that you don’t have a website to build a career in affiliate marketing.

You might be wondering, but many of my contacts told me about this. 

Don’t worry; they might be right.

But with Bizgurukul, you don’t need a website!

Bizgurukul provides you with all the strategies and insider secrets to making money online by leveraging your social media handles. Through our training sessions, our affiliates learn how to work on their personality and communication skills to hit the target of more sales.

Learn. Improve. Earn

Final words- Let’s start Monetizing

Now you know everything about affiliate marketing from top to bottom. This is the time to decide and build your online business from scratch.

The affiliate marketing program you choose always needs to add value to your customer’s journey and build your strong reputation.

Want to partner with a trusted and legitimate affiliate program? Join the Bizgurukul platform right away!

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