Affiliate Marketing Mastermind

By Anmol Duggal

This Course Includes

  • Language-English
  • Subtitles-No
  • Use On Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Certificate Of Completion

What you'll learn

  • The right psychology and mindset for running a successful affiliate marketing business.
  • Not just theory, but a practical demonstration of how to apply for affiliate marketing, how to link your bank accounts, how to generate sales and generate revenue.
  • The strategy that teaches how to earn not only in INR but also in US Dollars.
  • How to choose the right market, and how to perform audience research.
  • Important factors to consider while choosing products to promote so as to generate more income from the same efforts.
  • The framework for effortless sales.
  • The different types of content that can be created to promote products
  • Practical demonstration of how to set up various affiliate marketing funnels.
  • How to automate the process from lead generation to conversion to build a long-term, passive income business.
  • How to drive traffic to funnels using both free and paid methods

Course Description

If you are someone who dreams of living the laptop lifestyle, who wants to start with the least amount of investment when compared to an offline brick and mortar business, who wants to build a long term business even without having your own products or services to promote, Affiliate Marketing is what can you help you build the life of your dreams without having to:
● Build products yourself ● Stock them into warehouses ● Worry about the delivery, and ● Providing customer support
This course will help you turn from a novice to an expert affiliate marketer who, after completing the course, would know everything there is to learn about how to run a successful affiliate marketing business for life.
Disclaimer - This course does not educate you on a get-rich-quick scheme that will make you a millionaire overnight.
But if you are serious about learning the different skills involved in running a business online, this Affiliate Marketing course will equip you with the right fundamental knowledge, the right mindset of running a business, the latest in demand, and highly converting skills, and the resources you need to turn you from zero to hero in affiliate marketing.
The course has been divided into the following 5 main sections, and a total of 104 videos:
1. Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals 2. Niche, Customer, And Product Research 3. Role of Content And How To Create It 4. Affiliate Marketing Funnels 5. Driving Traffic To Funnels
So, if you have been looking for a complete course on Affiliate Marketing, and not just scattered knowledge that you can easily find out on YouTube, sign up for this course, and prime yourself up for success.

Course Content

  • 1 Sections
  • 104 Lectures
  • 30Hr 20Min 10Sec Length

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Your Instructor

Anmol Duggal

Advanced Affiliate Marketing Trainer

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