Beginners Guide to Graphology (Handwriting Analysis)

Aastha Kalra


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What Will You Learn In This Course?

The course is made for all. It can be done and understood by everyone and anyone.

The course is designed so that you can understand a person at character level by reading the handwriting.

The course is designed to help you in overall self-development.

In case you are suffering from stress related issues this course can help you in self-healing.

It helps you in understanding your people around at basic level.

The course gives you solutions which are like stress management techniques for life.

It helps you guide yourself and your loved ones around to become their better version.

It can help you have a positive and life enhancing attitude in life, once you start implying the things learnt from the course in daily life.

Course Description

This course material is developed and maintained as per international standards. This course will teach you Graphology / handwriting analysis at a basic level, which can help you understand yourself and people around at basic character level. This is a fact that individuals who have learnt this course from here are capable of doing analysis of writing of any individual with 80% of accuracy and have been able to help themselves and others by making simple changes in their handwriting. The course is for beginners who looking forward to explore the world of handwriting analysis.

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Your Instructor

Aastha Kalra

Beginners Guide to Graphology (Handwriting Analysis)

I am Aastha Kalra, a graphologist, therapist and a counsellor. Your handwriting speaks to me therefore I can say I have the knack to unearth overall behavior and character of a person by having just one glance at one’s handwriting. I began handwriting analysis just as hobby and now I can say it’s my passion. I have guided more than 400 people now to help them a quality of life. I have been able to even help severe cases of psychosis, chronic anxieties, severe depression, so much more with my science. With my science I have guided people from choosing a right career to choosing a right life / business partner to even choosing a right name for yourself. Being a compassionate person and a keen observer, I believe that I can give great results.