Understanding Child Psychology & Parenting

Dr. Krishna Nand Sharma
Author, Trainer, Researcher, Musician


This Course Includes

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What Will You Learn In This Course?

Understand What is Child Psychology

Practice Professionally as a Child Psychologist

Know About Growing Up & Attachments

Learn About Psychology Through The Toddler Stage

Understand Child Abuse & Bullying

Understand Depression, Separation Anxiety, Grief & Stress for Children

Course Description

Our Professional course on Child Psychology is aimed at those who are already qualified in Psychology or those who want to get specialize in Child Psychology as an added extra to their therapy practice. Become a psychologist specializing in helping children to combat traumas and emotional difficulties in life. To be a child psychologist, you must understand children. The focus of Child Psychology is on the minds and behaviors of children and begins with prenatal development and all the way through to adolescence. It considers the growth of children on a physical level but also considers emotional, mental, and social development. This branch of psychology has evolved greatly, and it is now recognized that child psychology is not just unique in its field but highly complex too. Childhood plays a significant part in life. Everything that occurs during that time must be explored fully because the influences and experiences gained through childhood will impact behavior and ongoing development.

Your Instructor

Dr. Krishna Nand Sharma

Understanding Child Psychology & Parenting

Prof. Krishna N. Sharma – The youngest Vice-Chancellor in the world (2017), is an educator that holds eight times world records, researcher, and prolific author with 40+ best-sellers out of his more than 150 published books. He has his students across 180 countries (over 92% of countries) and is a speaker of more than 50+ languages. In addition, he is a TEDx speaker and teaches health, wellness, and spirituality for life transformation.