How to Create a Fundable Pitch Deck for Startup

Navdeep Yadav


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What Will You Learn In This Course?

How to make a startup pitch deck

How to deliver a winning Pitch Presentation to Investors

How to find the right Investor for your business

How to Manage the Investment Process

How to understand venture capital term sheets and how to negotiate them

Silicon valley pitch deck format

30+ unicorn pitch deck template

Understanding pitch deck for a fintech startup

How to make a good pitch deck design

Startup pitching strategy to investor

Course Description

Pitching a good idea or project is the step or gap between idea generation and taking action. Many people have a nice plan relating to the business startups, development, project, etc. however, they may not have the ability to pitch such an excellent plan to the catchers. Having an excellent plan is not ample for the entrepreneurs, whereas pitching such a brilliant plan plays a very important role. The Capacity of the pitcher’s ability to come with practicable concepts will quickly and for good overshadow the catcher’s feelings concerning an idea’s value. The entrepreneurs, sales executives, call manufacturers, and investors appraise the concept much before taking action. They ought to much appraise their plan relating to how it affects the target markets. And the way the target market can respond? The study shows that several entrepreneurs have a good plan of doing business; however unsuccessful in being profitable due to lack of qualitative implementation of such a thought. Giving thought to life is not a straightforward task in the slightest degree. It takes passion, patience, courage, analysis, and ability. The foremost vital issue for a pitcher is how they will reach the catcher’s feelings and win over them. To pitch the idea or project, the pitcher needs to carry out detailed research on identifying the problem, and the idea should be based on the solution for such a problem. That means the solution should be problem overcoming.

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Navdeep Yadav

How to Create a Fundable Pitch Deck for Startup

Navdeep Yadav Product Manager | MBA

Navdeep is an MBA graduate and Co-Founder of a Job Portal. Previously he has worked as a Product Manager in multiple startups like GUMLET and Digi-Prex. He has diverse experience in Software as a Services (SaaS), Healthcare, and D2C Startups. He works closely with entrepreneurs, startup incubators, and Accelerators to help startups build new products, revamp their business models, and enhance the customer experience.