Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

Anmol Duggal
Digital Marketing Expert & Trainer


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What Will You Learn In This Course?

Why Email Marketing? - Does Email Still Work?

Email Marketing Laws

Terminologies of Email Marketing

Email Deliverability

Important Email Marketing Metrics

Forms and Its Different Types

Different Types of Opt-in’s, and Their Pros and Cons

Types of Emails

Email Content Templates

How To Write Effective Emails?

Course Description

"With an ROI of 4200%, Email Marketing is the only Digital Marketing strategy that’s the most profitable. This is because email has been the most intimate form of connecting with people with technology before the internet we use today. Today, people expect an email after they take action online, whether it might be a confirmation email after registering for an event, an order receipt after making a purchase, a welcome message after signing up for a newsletter, or anything else, if they don’t receive the anticipated email, it makes them feel something went wrong. That’s how important email has become. This is why businesses, freelancers, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs, selling products and services should use email marketing to fulfill that expectation while saving time and resources by automating their email communications. So, if you are blogging to support your business, have an e-commerce website, or an affiliate blog, it is essential to learn and execute email marketing and automation to communicate with your audience. If you want to learn how to leverage Email Marketing for business, no matter if it is yours, or your clients, this course will guide you from the ground level beginner to an advanced email marketer who can set up all critical and redundant business tasks on automation, while still maintaining that connect with the audience. The course will start from the basics of email marketing, the fundamentals, email deliverability, and what starting with email marketing involves. You will then understand the Email Marketing Laws and Regulations, the Email Marketing Terminology, and Important Email Marketing Metrics. As the course continues, you will learn about forms and their purpose in email marketing, along with how to create them and set them up on your website to start building your list. You will also learn about the different types of opt-ins and their pros and cons. After that, you’ll get to understand the types of email campaigns you can create, the types of emails you can send, the proven-to-work content templates, how to create effective emails, what not to include in the emails, the importance of subject lines, preheader text, and the frameworks for creating high converting subject lines, and CTAs. The following section focuses on understanding marketing automation and the role of email, what starts an automated campaign, personalization, segmentation, and dynamic content, the automated workflows, the role of tags in email marketing, and the importance of A/B testing lead scoring. Not only that, but you will also learn about how to use all these to optimize your email marketing campaigns for increased ROI. After you understand all the fundamentals in email marketing and marketing automation, we move on to discuss the different tools available for email marketing, the features that a good email marketing tool must have, and how to choose the best one for your business as per your budget and business goals. Not just that, but also how to set up automated workflows and perform personalization, segmentation, and use dynamic content. While the course is reaching its end, it also shows you how to resend email campaigns, set up the site and event tracking, and analyze your email marketing campaigns via different types of reporting. The topics, concepts, fundamentals covered throughout the course are evergreen as Email Marketing and Marketing Automation are here to stay for long. Every future advancement will be built upon these. Remember, MONEY IS IN THE LIST. Happy Email Marketing."

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Your Instructor

Anmol Duggal

Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

● A Certified Digital Marketer with 5+ years of experience 
● A Sales Funnel Builder 
● A Certified Email Marketing Expert 
● A Copywriter 
● A Media Buyer, and 
● A Trainer 
I take pride in taking businesses on the ride from using Manual Processes and Outdated Ways of Generating Leads and Sales to, Strategizing, Planning, and Deploying Fully Automated Marketing Engines that work 24/7 for businesses to: 
● Generate Fresh Leads 
● Nurture Them Through Your Business Customer Journey 
● Establish Trust 
● Build Relationships 
● Eliminate Objections towards your business 
● Generate More Sales 
● Get Repeat Business From The Same Customers, and 
● Turn Your Customers Into Engaging Fans and Your Business Evangelists I also share my two cents on Digital Marketing on my blog: 
My Mission is to help B2B Businesses Generate, Nurture and Convert More Leads using Marketing Automation (Sales funnel & Email Marketing), Copywriting, and Paid Traffic so that they could secure more clients/customers.