Digital Photography For Beginners With DSLR & Smartphone

Kamalpreet Singh


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  • Use On Desktop,Tablet & Mobile
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What Will You Learn In This Course?

What are the camera basics

How to set your camera for best quality photos

How you can shoot professional-level pictures with a Smartphone or DSLR

How to take photos in the highest quality possible

How to set colors in the camera

How you can take landscape photos

How to can take portrait photos

How to add depth to photos

How to shoot product photography, long shutter photography & night photography

Course Description

This photography course is designed for beginners and intermediate photographers who want to take their skills to the next level. If you take photos with your camera or mobile phone, you will learn everything about photography on both devices. From basic to advance, all the techniques you need to know to be a professional photographer and all those small details that you might miss out on when you try to take photos; everything will be covered in this course so that you can always be sure of how to take pictures in the best quality possible. You can learn how to use a camera in manual mode with all the different settings you need to know to get the best results out of any camera, and this course is divided into two sets where the first set of the course is technical. The second set of the course is practical. On the technical side of the course, you'll learn the camera basics, ISO, SHUTTER SPEED, APERTURE, histogram, color profiles, camera angles, and framing of a shot, and on the practical side of the course, you'll learn the real-world examples of how to take photos as a portrait photographer or a landscape photographer. And other types of photography are products, long shutter, and night photography. All the problems you ever have to face during a shoot, you'll find the solution to all those problems in this course.

Course Content

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Your Instructor

Kamalpreet Singh

Digital Photography For Beginners With DSLR & Smartphone


The trainer, Kamalpreet Singh, has been a professional photographer for the past seven years. His journey as a creator and a photographer has been super crazy. He was lucky enough to work with some prominent creators and massive brands like TECH MAHINDRA, MYFM, APPY FIZZ, DJI, DISCOVERY INDIA, etc. In addition, Kamalpreet has shot 100+ commercials for brands and content creators. He has won a few awards for his work in the last few years. With all of his experience, he has created an excellent photography course for you guys to learn everything you need to know about how to start your photography journey.