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Rajeev Mehta
Trainer, Youtuber, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Film Maker


This Course Includes

  • Language-Hindi
  • Subtitles-No
  • Use On Desktop,Tablet & Mobile
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  • Certificate Of Completion

What Will You Learn In This Course?

Learn the basics of graphic designing and become a pro.

Learn what a graphic designer does in the real world.

Learn the principles of great graphic design.

Learn Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat.

Learn graphic design for the web using Dreamweaver.

Learn visual communication fundamentals.

Grasp successful layout in graphic design.

Learn how to get a job as a graphic designer.

Course Description

The sight of graphic designers drives the digital world. As more and more technology is coming our way, the need for artistic skills is escalating on a large scale. The graphic design course majorly focuses on widening the knowledge of budding designers, artists, and those who wish to develop a particular skill and become full-time professionals. This course will provide you with a deep knowledge of the basics of graphic designing and helps in building your foundation for the real world. This entire course projection will guide the learner on how to brush up on their skills and excel the same. There are a total of 14 masterclass video tutorials in this course. Each one of these tutorials is full of design secrets and tricks that our mentor has learned over a while and applies on a daily basis. People increasingly respond more to visuals than plain text in today's digital world. This is why, in this video course, you will learn everything about design and human psychology. As a budding designer, one will be undoubtedly prepared to kick-start their career in design by the end of the course. Creating Design is like Reading people's minds. In this Video Course, you will learn everything about design and Human Physiology. There are 14 Videos Tutorial; every Tutorial is full of Design secrets and tricks.

Your Instructor

Rajeev Mehta

Graphic Designing - Scratch To Pro

Here in this course, you will learn “Graphic Designing” with a creative guru and YouTube sensation, Rajeev Mehta. He carries an experience of 14 years of in the field of design and creativity. A few of his previous works include working with brands, big and small, from literally all over the world.
Some of the notable brands, he has worked with include Google, Hero Honda, Delhi DareDevils, and Motorola. Recently, he has been working as a Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Filmmaker for the past 14 Years.
As a matter of fact, he is on a mission to improve the condition of India in the respective field. Rajeev Mehta has named this mission “Make India Creative.”
Mr.Mehta joined YouTube on 26 April 2010, and since its initiation, he has boomed throughout.

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