Learn The Art Of Calligraphy

Shunthini Kumar
Calligraphy and Embroidery Artist


This Course Includes

  • Language-English
  • Subtitles-No
  • Use On Desktop,Tablet & Mobile
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Certificate Of Completion

What Will You Learn In This Course?

Write Beautiful Modern Calligraphy.

How to create thick and thin strokes.

How to properly construct letterforms.

The importance of consistency in writing calligraphy.

Tips for adding flourishes to your writing with endless possibilities.

Knowing how to continue improving your calligraphy beyond this class.

Course Description

For a basic level of a calligrapher, the foremost tools are a pen and brush, which helps them develop gracious writing. Calligraphy is not an ordinary form of writing; it’s a sheer practice of imaginative writing. It is focused on decorative aspects of writing from which the viewer can relate and get an impression of beautiful handwriting. This course will teach you the ins and outs of calligraphy, and it will take you to step by step on how to build attractive letterforms and enhance your calligraphy skills in a more profound form. Budding calligraphers and advanced level learners can avail the course to polish their skills in the designing part. Further, the course will train on how to add more appealing forms of patterns in your writing to become an industry expert.

Your Instructor

Shunthini Kumar

Learn The Art Of Calligraphy

Shunthini Kumar is a Lettering Artist & Creative Entrepreneur based in India. Shunthini has been conducting calligraphy workshops since 2019 and has taught more than 1000 students within the given span of time.
The “Calligraphy Boutique” is a brand founded by her that customizes gifting for wedding and corporate events and retails calligraphy supplies. In addition, she has expertise in conducting one-to-one workshops for her learners.
She is 26 years old and has completed her engineering degree. However, while she was preparing for civil services, she found a passion for calligraphy. Shunthini’s inspiration is Amanda Rach Lee, a famous calligrapher.