Learn Copywriting From Scratch

Anmol Duggal
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What Will You Learn In This Course?

What is Copywriting and Why it is One of the Top Income Producing Skills in the World?

How to Earn from Copywriting?

Evolution of Copywriting from Offline to Online

Intention of Copy and The Mindset Behind It

Examples of Copy - Sales Pages, Ads, Emails, Landing Pages

What is Plagiarism and Why You Should Avoid It?

Copyright Laws for Online Content

Importance of Market and Audience Research in Copywriting

Questions to Answer About Your Audience

Questions to Answer About Your Product / Service

Course Description

Did you know that copywriting is one of the highest income-producing skills in the world? It is the one skill that’s responsible for selling millions, and even billions of dollars worth of products and services online. That is why businesses need copywriters who can write copy that converts. Copywriting is the art of selling through the power of written words. Copywriting and content writing are different from each other, and it’s the difference between the two that makes copywriting one of the highest income-producing skills in the world. Earlier copywriting used to happen via magazines, newspaper publishings, pamphlets, etc, and today it happens all across the internet. In fact, if you have clicked an ad on social media, or on google, landed on a sales page, subscribed to something, or have bought something online, you’ve already encountered copy, and the copywriter has done its job successfully for the business. The course begins with explaining what is copywriting and why it is one of the top income-producing skills in the world, and how you can earn from copywriting. Then the course details the evolution of copywriting from offline to online, the difference between content writing and copywriting, the mindset you need to be a copywriter, and examples of copy online. After that, the course talks about plagiarism, why you should avoid it, the different copyright laws you should be aware of before you start writing any kind of copy. When you understand the importance of the legal aspects, the course teaches you about the importance of research in copywriting and why it is very important to create copy that converts. Once you understand the role of human psychology in making people act to your call to action, the course reveals all the structural elements that can be included in the copy, followed by the importance of headlines, the age-old, converting concept of storytelling and its significance, the types of stories you can tell people, and the importance of polarity in copywriting. This course has a surprise for you, as it provides you with high converting, time-tested, foolproof, result-driven frameworks for all structural elements of copy that lets you fill in the blanks the different parts of copy, and simply assemble them together to shape your copy depending on your objective, and the medium you are writing the copy for. Now that you’ve learned all the frameworks, the course provides you with a list of power words, and sensory words to bring your copy to life, to make people feel what you have to tell them, and to arouse emotions in them so that they can decide from their hearts, not only their minds. Not only that, the course provides you with a list of weak and filler words that can decrease the impact of your copy so that you can replace them with something more impactful. With all the information at hand, the course progresses to teach you the basics of SEO copywriting, followed by a live practical training on how to write a persuasive sales letter fast, to prove that you can write it as well, using every bit of knowledge shared in this course. Then the course moves on to breaking down a few sales pages to make you understand what makes them convert. After you learn how to write a highly converting sales page, filled with human emotions and psychology, the course teaches you how to write killer emails, fast, followed by breaking down a few email sequences to make you understand what converting email copy is all about. Followed by the different types of ad copies you can create. While the course reaches towards the end, you get to learn the importance of testing in copywriting, what questions to ask yourself if your copy isn’t working, what to optimize in your copy, followed by the steps for the future to keep growing as a copywriter.

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Anmol Duggal

Learn Copywriting From Scratch

● A Certified Digital Marketer with 5+ years of experience 
● A Sales Funnel Builder 
● A Certified Email Marketing Expert 
● A Copywriter 
● A Media Buyer, and 
● A Trainer 
I take pride in taking businesses on the ride from using Manual Processes and Outdated Ways of Generating Leads and Sales to, Strategizing, Planning, and Deploying Fully Automated Marketing Engines that work 24/7 for businesses to: 
● Generate Fresh Leads 
● Nurture Them Through Your Business Customer Journey 
● Establish Trust 
● Build Relationships 
● Eliminate Objections towards your business 
● Generate More Sales 
● Get Repeat Business From The Same Customers, and 
● Turn Your Customers Into Engaging Fans and Your Business Evangelists I also share my two cents on Digital Marketing on my blog: https://anmolduggal.com 
My Mission is to help B2B Businesses Generate, Nurture and Convert More Leads using Marketing Automation (Sales funnel & Email Marketing), Copywriting, and Paid Traffic so that they could secure more clients/customers. 

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