Beginners Guide to Women Health

Dietician Alpana
Qualified Dietitian, CDE, Women Health Expert


This Course Includes

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What Will You Learn In This Course?

Why Women Health is Important

What are the different health problems that a woman face?

How to manage women Health?

What are the essential Nutrients for women Health?

Some Specific Super Foods for women

How to design a healthy meal plate for a Women?

Some Physical Activity for women.

Important Rituals should be followed by every woman.

Course Description

Today when we are leaving in modern society, which beliefs in inequality between males and females, when women’s empowerment is on a rising scale, the health status of women is on a declining scale. Changing the lifestyle of women with changing climate makes them more prone to get sick or to be unhealthy. A woman plays multi-role in her life like the role of Mother, the role of wife, a role at her workplace and so on and in this whole play her health status goes down due to ignorance or lack of right knowledge, during such situation there is need to create a course completely dedicated to women health. This course will give you the right practical knowledge that can be easily applied by any woman to Improve her heath. The right food, right rituals, and other important things need to be focused on for a healthy woman. When we are talking about women health it’s not only about their reproductive health it’s about their Physical health, Mental Health, and Emotional health, some food that we should include in our diet to take care of all these aspects, something more important than just a diet something to understand my the whole family to be Implemented, covered under this course. I would say this course should be done by each and every woman as women’s health should be the utmost priority. A healthy woman can give birth to a healthy child and can keep her family healthy making a healthy society and a healthy Nation. Target Audience – 1. All Women who want to improve their health 2. Dietitian / Nutritionist/ anyone from the fitness Industry. 3. Any Student who wants to gain knowledge about this particular course.

Your Instructor

Dietician Alpana

Beginners Guide to Women Health


DIETICIAN ALPANA • BSC, MSC, CDE, NA • Weight loss Expert, Women Health Expert • NAA Winning Dietitian • 1000+ Happy Clients •Mission to improve million health PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION – 1. Post-Graduation in Dietetics and Public Nutrition, IHE college, Hanukkahs (2016-2018) 2. One year Diploma in, Dietetics and Health Management, YMCA Institute. (2015-2016) 3. Certification in Food and Nutrition, IGNOU (2015) 4. Graduation in Life Sciences, Ramjas College, DU (2012- 2015) OTHER CERTIFICATION- 1. Certification in Food and Nutrition, IGNOU (6 months) 2. Certification in Diabetic Educator, IDA (1 year) 3. Certification in Ayurveda and Nutrition Expert (6 months) 4. Certification in Ayurveda and Women health Expert (6 months) 5. Certification in Diabetic Nutrition Expert (1 month) 6. Certification in Covid Nutrition (workshop) 7. Certification of participation in Annual conference of the society for the promotion of education in endocrinology & diabetes (SPEED) 8. Certification of participation in Nutrition Conference Held by MAX hospital, ppg Delhi. WORK EXPERIENCE – 5 Years of Work Experience in 1. Dietitian in VIBES HEALTHCARE. 2. Dietitian in VLCC Healthcare. 3. Clinical Dietitian in MAX hospital. 4. Health Coach in Fly Fit Gym. 5. Conducted health camps and health talks in different area like corporates area, Societies, Schools & Colleges. CURRENT WORK – 1. Working as an Entrepreneur, Founder of HEALTHYADET, an online platform on Instagram and Facebook for health solutions. 2. Conduct workshops on various health related topics like – Women Health, PCOS Awareness, Hair Care Routine and so on. 3. Provide complete Life style modification plans for WEIGHTLOSS with or Without medical Condition, PCOS & PCOD treatment plans, Gastric Issues and Diabetes. MISSION- To Improve million people health, by Educating them, by giving them the right Information and techniques to achieve it. Expertise – • Weight loss • Weight gain • Diabetes Management • PCOS & PCOD • Thyroid • Gastritis & other Gastric Issues • Bridal Diets • Skin & Hair care diets