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Dietician Alpana
Beginner's Guide to Women's Health

01 Dec, 2022 7 PM

Topics Covered at a Glance

  1. Why Women’s Health is Important?

  2. Different Health Problems Faced by Women.

  3. How to Manage Health Issues?

  4. Essential Nutrients for Women’s Health?

  5. Diet Chart for Targeting Different Health Aspects.

  6. Practical Knowledge to Improve Women’s Health.


Physical Activities for Women.
Right Rituals for Healthy Women.
Signature recipe/food to treat your UTI.
One home remedy to manage your PCOD.

About the Trainer

● Alpana is a Weight Loss and Women's Health Expert.

● She is also a founder of HEALTHYADET, an online platform on Instagram and Facebook for health solutions.

● She has won NAA Dietitian Award.

● Alpana has worked with 1000+ clients.

● Her vision is to help and improve millions of people’s health by sharing her experience & knowledge.

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