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Master Public Speaker

Content of Course


Lessons 1: Do this before you begin

The Natural Energy Booster

Lesson 2: Powerful Way to boost Your Confidence

Lesson 3: The Natural Energy Booster

Killing it with Clarity

Lesson 4: Improving Sounds Quality

Lesson 5: Creating Clarity in your Words

Becoming Badass At Public Speaking-Part 1

Lesson 6: Intro Master Public Speaking

Lesson 7: Science of Practice Improving Thinking Pattern

Lesson 8: Simplest way to Structure your Content

Lesson 9: The Ancient Art of Storytelling

Lesson 10: You will never run short of content ever

Lesson 11: Pitch And Pause

Lesson 12: Pace

Becoming Badass At Public Speaking-Part 2

Lesson 13: Power

Lesson 14: Tonality can be very Powerful Tool

Lesson 15: Intro Body Language

Lesson 16: Hand Gestures as your second mouth

Lesson 17: Shoulder Supporting your Hand Gestures

Lesson 18: Palm Plays a major role too

Lesson 19: Face And Eyes That People Notice first

The Most Important Of Badass Communication

Lesson 20: Syncing Verbal and Non-Verbal To be Most Powerful

8 Ways to Become A Great Speaker

Lesson 21: Becoming A Great Speaker - Part-1

Lesson 22: Becoming A Great Speaker - Part-2

Lesson 23: Becoming A Great Speaker - Part-3

Lesson 24: Becoming A Great Speaker - Part-4

Lesson 25: Becoming A Great Speaker - Part-5

Lesson 26: Becoming A Great Speaker - Part-6

Lesson 27: Becoming A Great Speaker - Part-7

Lesson 28: Becoming A Great Speaker - Part-8

Million Dollar Success Formula

Lesson 29: Million Dollar Public Speaking Success Formula

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