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Q- Is BizGurukul a legal system?

A- Yes! BizGurukul Private Limited is registered under the Companies Act, 2013 with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Registrar of Companies, New Delhi.

The Company Details can be viewed on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website www.mca.gov.in

Q- What is affiliate marketing?

A- Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards affiliates for each customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

Q- What am I paying for?

A- The amount that a customer pays at BizGurukul website is only for the online courses provided in the product purchased by the customer.

No amount is paid by the customer to become an affiliate with BizGurukul.

The option to become an affiliate with BizGurukul is free of cost and optional with the purchase of any product desired by the customer through the affiliate link of the person who referred him to the BizGurukul website.

Q- Are there any other charges one needs to pay other than the product cost?

A- No

Q- If I purchase the product, what benefits do I get?

A- You get two things: First, the product (Online courses which enhance your skills and we assure you about the quality of content because our courses are designed by professionals & experts of their respective fields). Second, you get a unique affiliate link through which you promote the products and get commission on every purchase made from your link.

Q- How can I earn here?

A- When you buy any of our products, you get your unique affiliate link. When you promote our products, you get commission on the sale generated through your affiliate link. The amount of commission varies according to the product purchased.

All promotional material and training are given by the company absolutely free of cost.

Q- Are there any charges for training ?

A- No, the training is provided free of cost. You pay only for the products that you purchase which include different courses.

Q- What does BizGurukul teach us in training?

A- Our training covers a wide range of topics focussed at helping you build a personal brand on social media and monetize it with the help of affiliate marketing.

Many Special Trainings are also conducted to help you develop many other skills apart from online earning. We focus on a holistic development of our affiliates.

Q- How to promote after becoming an affiliate with BizGurukul ?

A- You need to contact your sponsor (the person who referred you to BizGurukul) and ask him for the link to attend our training webinar where we train you on basics of affiliate marketing and teach you how to start with it. Also, ask your sponsor to add you to our facebook group.

Q- In how many days does the commission get transferred to my account for the sales done by me?

A- The total commission for the number of sales you generate from Monday to Sunday is paid to you in next week between Thursday to Sunday.

Q- How can I track the sales generated through my affiliate link ?

A- It shows on your dashboard on the website. Please ask your sponsor to help you get familiar with the website and the dashboard.

Q- How can I buy the course and get my affiliate link?

A- You need to purchase one of our products which have these courses, only from the affiliate link of the person who referred you to BizGurukul.

Any purchases made directly from the website will not generate an affiliate link for you.

When you click on this link, you will find an option “START YOUR EARNING” on the home page of the website. When you click on that, a new page opens up which gives you the option to choose & purchase the product of your choice. Choose the one suitable to you and then click on “CHOOSE THIS”.

Fill up your details, make the payment and you get successfully registered. It is completely up to you to work as an affiliate or not. Here, you need to contact your sponsor (the person who sent you the affiliate link to purchase the product from BizGurukul Website) to know how to operate your website where you learn how to access the courses, how to add payment details and how to check your dashboard.

Q- If I find any technical issues on the website then what should I do?

A- You can share the issue on the company's official whatsapp number available on the homepage of our website www.bizgurukul.com.

Our usual response time is 24-48 hours. You will get an answer within this period. We expect you to keep patience.

Q- Do I get my money back/refund if I want?

A- Refund will be given to the customer for the purchase of any package made by the customer directly from the BizGurukul website or through the affiliate link of the person who referred him or her to the BizGurukul website within 24 hours of purchase. No request of refund will be entertained after 24 hours of purchase under any circumstances. To ask for refund, you need to email your query to us at info@bizgurukul.com

Q- Can you brief me the process to do this work?

A- Step 1: Attend our Sales webinar (get webinar info from your sponsor). Then clear your doubts with your sponsor, if any.

Step 2: Enroll into our system by purchasing any product suitable for you, through the affiliate link of your sponsor.

Step 3: Generate your personal affiliate link (your sponsor will guide you on this)

Step 4: Attend the Training webinar (where you learn how to market our products)

Step 5: When you implement the training lessons you get the leads, then tell your leads to follow Step1.


A- Unlike MLM/ Network Marketing/ Chain Systems/ Pyramid Schemes:

1. You get commission only for the sales made directly by you through your personal link & efforts.

2. You don’t get paid for the sale made by any affiliate who registered with BizGurukul through your link.

3. We don’t ask you to create downlines or maintain legs, lines etc.

For more information on the difference between Affiliate Marketing and MLM/ Network Marketing/ Chain Systems/ Pyramid Schemes refer to the Internet.