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2 Days - 10 Hrs
Saturday - Sunday
23rd-24th July 2022
9:30AM - 2:30PM

Our Mission

To create a community of 1 lakh Rich & High Performing minds through Secrets of Rich programme

1 Lakh

Rich & High performing minds to create


Lives transformed


Workshops Conducted

Who is this for?

College students
Sales & Marketing Professionals
MSME business owners
Those who want to be an entrepreneur or are starting out
Anyone who wants to create a breakthrough with money and success

About Keshave Lal

  • Co-creator of a million-dollar Ed-tech startup

  • Amazon bestselling author of “The Power of Story Selling.”

  • Certified Master NLP practitioner

  • Conducted 300+ workshops & educated 35,000+ students

  • Interviewed 100+ rich and high performing individuals across the nation

  • Ace public speaker with an experience of 10+ years in the industry

  • Worked with many CEOs and top executives from highly reputed firms

  • 20k+ copies of the Public Speaking course sold out

What will you learn

Day 1

1) 3 core principles of advance learning

2) Why you are not getting rich while others are

3) Identify your money & business personality

4) Learn how a real entrepreneur creates and manages multiple ventures

5) How rich people create massive money

6) How to find your The One Thing (Niche/Specialized Knowledge)

7) How to Master Your Niche (Specialized knowledge)

8) How to do Goal setting the way Rich Do?

9) 7 Success habits of Rich and High performers

10) How to become a constant Idea generating machine

11) Learn how not to be busy and still make massive money

Day 2

1) Learn People management strategy of Rich and high performers

2) How to make people like you in 30 seconds

3) 3 core principles of any human-relation

4) Learn the science of money management

5) Learn How to earn while you sleep

6) The one greatest Money secret of Millionaire Entrepreneurs

7) Science of manifestation and law of attraction

8) Identity Expansion Intensive- You 2.0

9) Learn how to turn possibility into reality

10) How to start the journey of your financial freedom

What do you get in ₹7,999 ₹499

10 hours of live powerpack training
Become a part of SoR online community
Recording of the 2 days live session
A free Secrets of Rich workbook (worth Rs 1999)
Live Q&A support (2 live sessions - 1 per month)
Free Video : (How to read a book a day - proven techniques)
Free PDF (EFFECTIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP 101)Highly recommended 101 books every entrepreneur should read
Powerful Daily Affirmations to manifest money in your life (worth priceless)
20 minutes meditation video/audio to shift your mental frequency for better creative visualization (worth Rs 2999)
Free PDF Money Mindset 101 - to reprogram your old belief system about money (worth Rs 999)
Rohit Sharma
Entrepreneur, & Motivational Speaker

“The moment I met Keshave sir, my search for a mentor ended right there. I admire him the most, and really looking forward to his upcoming session

Paras saxena

“Keshave lal sir has a sacred aura, he's a great mentor and a spiritual leader, I'm super excited for his upcoming workshop "Secrets of Rich"

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Who’s this workshop for?
If you’re an entrepreneur, a home-maker a student or a corporate person, this workshop is for all those people who want to create breakthroughs with money and success.
Is there any age restriction for “Secrets of Rich” ?
Yes, you should be 16 or above
Is there only one login per person?
Is this workshop about how rich people manifest?
Well, yes but it’s not just about manifestation. In this workshop you’ll learn about the psychology of the rich, their beliefs about money and their models and strategies that make them who they are.
In which language the workshop will be delivered?
Language will be a mix of Hindi & English
Can I apply for a refund in case I won't be able to attend the workshop?
The registration fees for the workshop is non-refundable. It can't be cancelled or refunded under any circumstances.

In case you won't be able to attend the session for any reason, you'll get the recording of complete session with life time access
Will I get the recording of the session?
Yes, recording of the session will be provided