How to Become a Copywriter in India: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Nov 08, 2021

Copywriting could be an exciting job, but that also means it asks you to be creative and dynamic with your writing skills. So, who is a copywriter? A copywriter is a person who creates content for the internet. The sole purpose is to design informative content for the person or an organization willing to know people of anything, maybe a business, maybe any information, or maybe news, anything. Now next up is how to become a copywriter in India?

Eligibility Criteria to Become a Copywriter

A graduate who has graduated in any field can opt to get into a well-reputed copywriting course and then pursue a career. If your core language was English, it can surely help you to a great extent. Having a basic knowledge of SEO and preferable knowledge about digital marketing strategies could give you a hand in the industry.

What are the Works of a Copywriter?

A copywriter's primary work is to work closely with the advertising agencies to advertise the content they have created. Other works include working with directors to design creative and knowledgeable content. Their main job is to understand the targeted audience and their interest in forming content based on that by doing their part of the research. 

As per Neil Patel- "Copywriting is content writing to make a sale. Copywriting is precise, effective, and revolves around creative problem-solving. Ideally, a brand's copy is driving conversions while creating meaningful experiences for the target audience."


It is all about making sales. There must be a question in your minds as to how it differs from content marketing. They are primarily distinguished based on purpose. They serve different purposes. For instance, copywriting is designed to persuade, whereas content marketing is designed to educate and entertain the majority of the population reading it.

Types of Copywriting

Not all who create content for sales or marketing are supposed to be a copywriter; there are many other types of copywriters. Based on your creative skills and interests, you can choose from the following to pursue your copywriting career.

1. Marketing Copywriter

The sole purpose of a marketing copywriter is to come up with content that is persuasive enough to influence the targeted audience and get more people in the family of consumers. The multiple copywriter courses available in India prepare you to excel in marketing and pitching the consumers.

2. Creative Copywriter

Such writers can create content short and crisp and something that people can remember easily. The concept is to come up with content that is quirky yet unique to impress people. It further creates a memory of the brand in the minds of people.

3. Explainer Copywriter

They present content that is alluring and logical for people to show faith in the brand. They majorly work with product and demo scripts to present likable content for the consumer base. Another motto is to give the unique selling point of the brand without even mentioning it. A copywriting course is available on our website called 'Copywriting Mastermind’ under the 'Influence Mastery' section to get expertise in this field.

4. Digital Copywriter

They are responsible for creating a pitch that gets users to click on the ad so that the brand can get more visitors. The content should be amusing and apt as to what the user is exactly looking for. They need to create content to sell a product or service.

5. SEO Copywriter

Search Engine Optimization copywriters create a sale copy by stimulating the search engines and using the keywords people have likely searched for. This is done so that the website can rank on the top of the search results. Therefore, increasing sales. Furthermore, increasing visibility for the website. 

6. Technical Copywriter

They are distinct copywriters with vast knowledge of a specific niche. For instance, copywriters of healthcare or technology. They make content compel users to purchase or avail of technical products or services from a respective field.

How to Become a Copywriter with No Experience?

The lack of experience can never stop you from becoming a copywriter. However, you can do the following to become a copywriter without any previous experience.

Online Courses

Online educational platforms like Bizgurukul are providing courses to up your game in any skill. In addition, you can choose from the different charities of courses available on our website.

Practice your work

You can generate samples of your work and ask your connections if they could approve them as idol content or not. Always be ready to take criticism.

Use social media

Once you public your skills, the probability of getting freelance works is higher. Your social media family can sometimes be grateful towards you to even get you a real job. Also, social media has a great potential power to take your talent to the world without much expense.


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