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Why is diet Management Important in India?

One or two nutrients are never enough to kickstart your day. It is a combination of multiple nutrients and minerals that goes a long way. India is a developing nation, which denotes that India lacks nutrition. India has fallen from 48% to 35% of stunted children since 2005. Although post COVID times, the situation has been opposed to a great extent. Indians have started prioritizing a healthy lifestyle. As per a report presented by Habit, 71% of respondents have agreed that staying unhealthy is a way of saving time. The other 66% of respondents lack a taste for healthy food. 

What is a Balanced diet?

A balanced diet, in simpler words, could be a perfect blend of nutrients and minerals that is much needed by the body to function adequately. But, of course, the right amount of calories leads this game. Therefore, ideal diet management consists of the given foods throughout the day- fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins. 

But then there are calories that most of you must be worried about. Well! We got it covered for you. The energy included in your food is the right indicator of calories. It absolutely depends on your age, gender, and the amount of physical activity you do. These are all consumed once you start walking, thinking, or even breathing. 

The average calorie intake of people should be 2000 per day in order to follow weight management. However, people who engage in the more physical activity require more calories than those who do not. It’s also important to remember that the source of calories matters just as much as the amount. Stuffing your food with empty calories or calories with no nutritional value does not help, which is why t is suggested to avoid sugar, butter, cookies, cakes, energy drink, ice creams, and pizza. 

Why Balanced Lifestyle? 

A nutritious, well-balanced diet combined with regular physical activity is essential for good health. Nutritional deficiencies can reduce immunity, increase susceptibility to disease, impair physical and mental development, and reduce productivity.

A healthy diet consumed throughout one’s life assists in the prevention of malnutrition in all of its forms and a variety of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and conditions. However, dietary patterns have shifted due to rapid urbanization/globalization, increased consumption of processed foods, and changing lifestyles. Furthermore, the only best thing it does is give rise to food and nutrition management online courses

Condition of India and Healthy Lifestyle 

In India, especially after COVID, weight management and nutrition are strictly adhered-to concepts. Indian society is entirely dependent on improved nutritional status for public growth and other sectors such as education, health, and child protection.

India is one of the signatories of Sustainable development Goals, and malnutrition is one of the crucial reasons contributing to its not getting victorious. While diet management could be something that can resolve this issue but the core remains untouched. 

In order to eliminate this issue, UNICEF India makes sure to promote the C²IQ approach: coverage, continuity, intensity, and quality throughout the nation. While weight management foods might not be accessible to malnourished people, vital to this is the awareness of having a balanced diet. 

Investing in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life, from conception to their second birthday, shapes the nation’s future. Ending stunting and other undernutrition saves lives, improves children’s health and prospects, and accelerates overall development progress. As a result, combating undernutrition has become a national priority.


The above article discusses all the significant impacts on India related to diet management. It was to give you a brief idea of why you need your diet to be looked after by someone. Therefore, Courseflix gives you a one-stop platform to enroll in the skills that are much required, like- Basics of Weight Management. It’s high time to get out of your comfort zone and join the revolution of staying healthy.

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