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Top 5 Tips On How To Sell Without Selling In 2022

No matter what services you are offering, learning the art of selling will become the differentiator for your business.

Traditional “spray and pray” marketing tactics won’t work anymore.

In recent years, the selling rules have transformed and don’t need an aggressive selling approach.

So how can you convince your customers without being pushy? 

Here “sell without selling” comes in! 

It has four fundamental pillars- connection, curiosity, understanding, and generosity.

Now you got it; there is no secret to selling; instead, it’s an art, and you need to master it. So here are some insights that help you make more money and allow you to sell without being salesy.

Top 5 tips on how to sell without selling

1. Define your buyer 

Selling is an art to determine who is your ideal customer. Therefore, there is no need to sell anything to anybody. In this way, you are only wasting the time of both the parties, including you and your prospect. 

Let’s say, before entering any house, you can’t knock on the door; you first read their house number plate and know about them. In the same way, define your buyer’s profile first. 

Maybe, luckily you win in selling the product to anybody for the first time. But the next time, your prospect will understand that you sold the product they never needed. You lost your customer in a quick second. Instead, look for the right people who really require your product and services, not anyone.

2. Build rapport first

How do you feel when you open the door of your house in the morning, someone without asking about you and start saying you, do you want to buy flowers, it’s the best flowers, you will not get anywhere, and the talk keep on going? It feels irritating, and you do not even know about the person, and he didn’t ask you whether you want flowers or not. 

Similarly, don’t start your talk by selling; spend some time knowing about them. 

For example, if your prospect lives in XYZ place, do quick research from Google and learn about the famous place or restaurant near them. Ask them about the restaurant and their favorite dish. Align yourself with their interest and liking, and then launch your offer.

To build honest relationships and rapport with your customers, follow these steps-

  • Not sell right away, first Connect with them.
  • Listen more than you speak. Active listening is the game-changer in bringing sales.
  • Ask questions and listen. Know their likings and areas of interest.

3. Look to help, not to sell

What if your doctor prescribes the medicine ever before asking you about your problem? That’s the biggest mistake in sales. Without knowing prospects’ problems or pain points, jumping straightway selling the product is not a wise step. 

Hold your words for some time, take time to develop an inquisitive mindset to understand your audience, and then offer a solution. 

Never prescribe anything before diagnosing the problem. A solution always comes after the problem. 

Sell a transformation, not a product or service, and focus on solving a problem to understand before offering solutions. On top of it, don’t forget that your leads are human. So don’t pitch them constantly.

4. Learn the psychology behind 

Not all your clients are the same. They all have different visions, so you can’t give everyone one common spectacle. In other words, you need to handle your prospect uniquely and tailor your approach differently. Your prospect lies in the four personality traits-

  • Assertive

They are self-assured and even-tempered and don’t worry too much about everything; they are focused on results. 

  • Amiable

They are highly sensitive, soft-spoken, great listeners, and inclined more towards creative ideas and big-picture visions. 

  • Expressive

They are engaging, optimistic, love to talk, and generally want to come into the spotlight. 

  • Analytics. 

They are deep, thoughtful, and purposeful individuals and inclined more towards facts, figures and data. 

Once you know the category, customize your presentation and pitch accordingly. 

While pitching, don’t forget to hit their emotional level because first, people connect emotionally, then they apply logic. If you fail to communicate at their emotional level, logic won’t work anymore.

5. Allow yourself to move

Don’t get stressed approaching your prospect many times. Sometimes it’s better to move on and look for other prospects. Before saying goodbye, reflect on the below questions-

  • Is your prospect showing interest, or do you keep pitching him unnecessarily?
  • Is your prospect really need your product? 
  • Is your product solving their problem? 

After reflecting on the above questions, make a decision and move on to the next prospect. Your prospects are unique; in the same way, their needs are unique. Hence, don’t hesitate to move to the next potential client.

Bonus Tips

  • Put your heart into your product or services first. In other words, experience the product first and then spread the word about it.
  • Don’t even mention your product in the first 20 minutes. Instead, do not say anything and listen to your customers. 
  • Instead of being salesy by spinning stories, talking about your product or service for long, ask them to join your free email list. 
  • Don’t forget that your leads are human beings, so don’t keep them sending non-stop messages, voicemails, and emails and flooded their mobile phones with your sales activities.

How to sell online and earn money?

Selling online brings more sales than traditional selling and even without sound salesy. You can have ample online customers, and you need to step out of your home. 

Six steps on how to sell without pitching and earn money-

1. Provide in-depth information about your product or services and make them aware by including specific details about the product. 

2. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by communicating your product’s value. 

3. Include an email subscription button and let it grow. 

4. Personalizing as many digital touchpoints increases the likelihood of your customers engaging with you. 

5. Use a weapon of urgency to encourage them to buy your product such as limited edition, X discount, this weekend only, Last day, Buy now, etc. 

6. Understand your prospect intent when they visit your website; some may come to check your product; some may gather the information. Try to make them one step ahead towards the buying journey.


Now you understand that real selling isn’t about selling. It’s about knowing your buyers, solving their problems by connecting them, and giving them the solutions. 

If you want to learn about the art of selling in detail, enroll yourself in the best Sales Mastery course today.

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