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How To Develop A Personality And Boost Confidence?

Personality is Everything, whether you believe it or not. 85% of your success depends on how well you interact with others, and it’s the vital and endearing trait that you should integrate into your personality to become more pleasing and attractive. 

To survive in this smart and quick-witted world, you need to hone your skills, improve your character, and develop an influencing and magnetic personality. 

You might be surprised that 90% of your thinking process relies entirely on how you feel and think. If you think and feel confident, you will create endless possibilities and vice versa. 

If a striking question hits your mind- Can I develop a confident and influencing personality if I suffer from low self-esteem? 

The answer is yes!

You can develop a personified and attractive personality. Research by the University of Illinois demonstrates that we can build a charismatic personality, provided you are eager to work on it. 

You have the immense potential to develop a great personality, but you need a strong desire and guidance. 

Do you feel stuck with low confidence and unable to express and communicate?

If a question strikes your head-how to do personality development in less time, you have come to the ideal spot.

What is personality development?

In a layman’s language, personality refers to the individual’s qualities and characteristics involving building your capacities, fostering your skill sets, harnessing your strengths, and encompassing winning qualities like confidence, communication, and leadership skills.

Importance of personality development

Five compelling reasons why personality development is important-

1. Improved confidence

Having a command of language is vital for your success. When you are confident enough to speak a language, you can communicate and interact with others well. 

2. Become more presentable

It’s said that your first impression is your last impression, and it’s effectively essential in the competitive world. Whenever you go for an interview or into sales or marketing, the way you present yourself is the getaway to crack the deal or interview. 

3. Convey your thoughts effectively

Most people cannot attain massive success because they cannot present their thoughts rightly, even having a high IQ. With a developed personality, you can communicate and put your points effectively and influence others. 

4. Inculcate positive qualities

Personality development helps you establish an impressive personality by imbibing positive qualities like punctuality, social acceptability, flexibility, a learning attitude, and a helping approach.

5. More employment opportunities

Do you know companies demand 85% soft skills and 15% technical skills? Now you understand it’s crucial to develop a magnetic personality to put your best foot in the world of cut-throat competition.

9 ways on how to improve personality-

1. Become a better listener

One of the most charming women in the world, Jacqueline Kennedy, considers listening skills as one of the crucial skills. When you listen to others, you understand their thought process and perspective instead of sticking to your own. 

2. Read to evolve

Expand your interest and learning by reading niche-specific books or articles because that person has written their decades of experience in simple and fewer words. It’s an affluent way to learn more in less time. 

3. Create a strong practice regime

You can’t become successful unless you create positive habits because habits are the effective pillars that help you come closer to the success ladder. If you want to become fluent in speaking English, practice it every day and achieve competency. 

4. Find an accountability partner

It’s difficult to learn when you are alone. But when you spend some time with people who have the same interest, your self-development journey becomes easy. Famous author Jim Rohn said you are the average five people you spend your time with. Hence, if you have a group with similar passion or interest, you will grow quickly. 

5. Meet new people

Expose yourself to new people, diverse cultures, and religions to expand your horizon and develop a new perspective of looking at things. It helps you understand and analyze the situation better and bring responsive solutions. 

6. Draw inspiration from others

You can’t play the solo game of personality development. You may draw inspiration from those who inspire you to become your best version. Some legendary leaders are Marshall Rosenberg, Gabby Bernstein, Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Brian Tracy, etc.

7. Find a mentor or course

Seeking inspiration is a good way to improve your skills. But nothing is better than having a mentor who personally helps you make your personality development journey easy and simple. You will get access to communicate, discuss, understand and learn by interacting with your mentor personally. If you wish to join a personal development course that will allow you to develop your skillset more proficiently, the sure-shot way is awaiting you.

8. Give space to imperfection

Nothing is perfect, so why are you afraid of making mistakes. They are natural and normal, and there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes. But the problem arises when you repeat the same mistake and never learn from it. Don’t blame or criticize yourself for making mistakes; accept the imperfections and embrace them.

9. Be yourself

You have to embrace your uniqueness and try to unleash your strength. You are incomparable and never try to fit into someone else’s shoes. Accept your weakness and become better every day by measuring your progress. 

A word from BizGurukul

A charismatic personality builds confidence, nurtures your self-image, adds charm and elegance. It will allow you to be likable and appreciable by the people around you and help you climb the professional ladder. 

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